Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Nothing different with this month but mostly when I go to some parts. All decoration become so lights and red. Yes, this is December! That is mean the end of this 2017 years and also X-mas will get celebrate with full color and red plus white. I don’t understand why two colors become dominan on this month but that is perfect to look so bright and happy life.

Today, Citra wants tell You story about Xmas and New Year. Once upon a time, a baby was born in snow season. The baby is getting cold because nobody care about him. Suddenly the old woman who see the little baby in the cold season and snow fall down. She take a baby and bring a baby at home. She is poor woman but she has rich heart. She is making a baby comfortable with the last milk, she has it.

Snow stroms come and make old woman is getting cold because she does not having fire. Suddenly she see something in the sky. The star is shining to bright and she can feel the warm of the star and make her body is not feeling so cold anymore. She see the light become street and she brings the baby and walk in the light star. She arrive in beautiful place which all cover with snow but the snow is not so cold. She lives there forever and the baby called santa which the santa always give gift for the people who has rich heart even they are poor. As long as You have good heart, the Santa will give you something nice.

Don’t you having a good heart so Santa will give you something special on this X-mas. Because I have good heart but I am not Santa, I just wanna say Happy Marry X-mas and Happy New Year 2018.

That story I just made this time to make you feel cold #eh feel no fairy tale in this real life but that is nothing wrong to play with imagination. Because life is awesome to keep happiness in our life even that is never easy to do day by day. So, what is making you happy the celebrate new year? Don’t you feel so fantastic on 2017? What’s making you keep spirit to see the new world in new year eve?

All that questions I do have the answer. Life is never nice to me but I am so nice to be stressful or moody person. I am so happy whatever 2017 come to me and that’s making me strong day by day. So that, I am not afraid to see the new year eve on 2018. Because I know the new year will give me best part of new experience in alive. Life is open book which I can read and write it anytime I decided to keep foward to see the world in my own life which it mean I allow full colors to make my days so awesome to keep it and learn it.

Happy Story start from You

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