Be Turtle to Survive in Alive

StoryCitra-As a human, it is normal when we get trouble in alive because we are alive. Someone who do not have problems, they are already rest in peace. So, do not sad when the problems come because we never know what happened in the future. If we can prediction about life then life will be easy to pass day by day.

Today, Citra wants tell you story about turtles. I know already long time I never write something positive in I bet you miss it because we know life day by day so hard and it feel we can not control and survive anymore. Oops... Do not say that words. Let’s be turtles. I bet you are wonder, why we should be turtle? A baby turtle actually.

I have reason about it. Every body is smart then me, I know it and already know about turtle but I know a turtle turtle is awesome in my opinion. How they (turtles) survive in this world after they come out from the hole and to find the sea. It is not easy for them because many predators which waiting them to eat them. I look small baby turtle which they age still a week and how they want to go to the beach. Sometimes they are getting lost, stop and confused about the way to go to the beach but they never give up, never ever give up!

Awesome! I love it! Really... The way they are trying to find beach, waves, even it so long journey but the turtles never stop to get on the beach. Even they are confused how to get there. The long way from the land to the sea but they are trying to find ways. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow but the spirit never make them STOP to get to the beach.
It something awesome to be turtle about the spirit. It seem like our lives. How is difficult we are to finding the GOAL. Many challenge which make our level spirit down, stressful, stuck, weakness and then FAIL. As I know life is never ever easy in my hole life. It is o.k to slow down when problems a lot in our life as long as we still want to survive. Nothing easy as magic in alive. We are not princess/prince, kids who believe bout the magic stick and mantra to make life better. We know it need desire, spirit to success. Even success is difficult to rise but NOTHING POSSIBLE if we keep try till FINISH.

Let’s be turtles and find the spirit of turtles and learn from it how awesome life even life can not be best friends forever but life is giving us lesson to keep alive, strong and fill days like roller coaster. It is more wonderful then we think our life so bored. Keep spirit and be happy to see the world with different ways.


Happy Story start from You

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