Batam Jazz and Fashion so Fun Time

StoryCitra-Can You imagine when You hear music jazz with fashion show around it? What do you think about jazz music? Do you think Jazz music just for old people and bore music? Then absolutly You are exactly right me before I know jazz is so different and fantastic to hear.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Bajafash 2018. Bajafash is mean Batam Jazz and Fashion festival. This event yearly in Batam. This 2018 Bajafash present different event in the resort, that is call Batam View Hotel and resort in Nongsa, Batam, Indonesia. This event only 2 days but with the best concept I ever watched about music and fashion. I can not wait to attend next year.

I know, everything should be have a reason why I can not wait for the next Bajafash! Because I can say the event of Bajafash 2018 was so fantastic! 2 nights made me wanna dance when hearing the music of the jazz. Mostly the performance of this event from the famous jazz from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and some country who already living in Malaysia.

I like performance from the LightCraft during sunset in first day Bajafash 2018. Then, the sweet voice from Janine Annice (she is from England). She was sing some song and I love it. Really, I never know the jazz so fantastic. I think and I am afraid I can fall asleep because attending this event. Actually, it was not true. 

It was wrong and I enjoy it every singers and band of jazz get their turn to show their performance in stage. After Janine, now bands from Bali, Balawan. This so fantastic band I ever show, they make combination of music jazz with traditional Bali music, Sunda, Yogyakarta become something unique and amazing to hear. So lovely, then Steve Thornton. This guy so amazing with the hand when playing music instrument and his daughter also has nice voice to sing a song but she need more practice to be professional singer in the future. Don’t forget with the performance Rudy Djoe who this guy sang some song of malay to be jazz. Amazing voice from the singer Madam Khadijah Ibrahim, Amelia Ong, dan the first night performance closing with Syaharani.

First night jazz and fashion make me feel so “hot” how about the second night and the final event in this Bajafash 2018? I can say the second day the stage more lights and looks so glamor. Where is this music is opening from Sakazada,Cheppy and Friends, Siel, Slef Trio, Zahid Ahmad Project, Indro Hardjodikoro and also Glenn Fredly who become the star in the Saturday night.
How about the fashion designer? The design of fashion in this Bajafash 2018 make me feel so awesome. Mostly the famous designer such as Chossy Latu, Arturro from Seminyak Balu, Wieke Dwiharti, Didit Jarit, Anda Nasution, Decy Tyramona, and designer lcoal Batam Natasya Rofalina and Febby Erika. All so fantastic to get collection of the design dress. I got fall in love with the design of dress from some collection in the catwalk during the jazz music playing in the stage.

The most the location of the event is so relaxing because near pool and bar. So, this so perfect for me who do not know about jazz and this event make me fall in love with jazz. I can say You are the virus of jazz for the people who do not know jazz so fantastic to hear in the night.

Photo shoots

Bottom of Line
Batam Jazz Fashion Festival 2018 success hypnotic audience two night in Batam View Hotel and Resort at Nongsa.  Calender yearly for Bajafash every time get performance always different time to time and make audience always wait this event. Do not miss for the next Bajafash 2019. I hear this will more spectaculer in Batam with different location and sensation which make you can not wait to buy the ticket to attend this Bajafash 2019.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. The atmosphere felt different and unique when fashion and jazz combined into a concert show.

  2. Oh I love jazz music, its like transcend you to other places.. by the way, the pictures in this post are so good.

  3. Glenn Fredly and The Bakuucakar were so full entertain.

  4. Setiap event Bajafash yang aku suka peragaan busananya yang diiringi langsung dengan penyanyi2 jazz... dan aku suka suara kak soukma...berat namun ditelinga enak didengar...

  5. saking kepo dgn amelia ong aku follow IG nya
    dan saya mulai suka

  6. See you next at bajafash 2019
    Bajafash at the beach!

  7. keren abis lah ini acara bajafash ... kapan ya bisa nonton lagi


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