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StoryCitra-Let’s fly to Penang! Find something different spots to holiday in Malaysia. Find ECO Holiday with nature and culture. It’s so fantastic to be friends with nature because nature is not something to scare. That is the way we know the reason why some parts nature can get so danger. It because of us never care about nature.

I still remember months ago when mommy find caterpillar who eat all mommy leaves and mommy was getting upset and kill the caterpillar because one of plants leaves gone on a night. That was my mommy favorite plants. I said why you kill it mom. It will be pretty butterfly. Mom said when we wait it become butterfly all my plants will gone. I was so sad in that is time. I know in this time is very difficult to see butterfly fly from flower to flower near house.

When I was kids, it is easy time to find butterfly. A lot of butterflies I can see and fly around me. It’s so awesome. When I go to Entopia. I find the heaven butterfly because a lot of butterflies fly free and happy. I write it on my third edition in My Holiday Free magazine which you can download it anytime on here be traveler E-magazine link.

Fly to Penang E-magazine story citra be traveler find something and feel free to read and fly inside article step by step and find nice adventure around us to the future plan holiday in Penang, Malaysia. It is not only about butterfly who fly in Entopia Farm butterfly but also turtle. Do you like turtle? I like turtle either. The most about how they keep survive and alive.

The third edition of Be Traveler E-magazine there is also short words about free. I like to be free. Everybody also love to free but we are not bird who can fly freedom without wonder about tomorrow. We are human hihihi always wonder about anything, am I right?   Let’s read E-Magazine the third edition on here and you can download this article on this link e-magazine Be Traveler on Fly to Penang. Why fly to Penang because I did holiday to Penang and this place so awesome. Happy reading and see you in the next edition about....

Emm... I will think about that this month and sorry for this E-magazine I just finish make this one hahaha. I am busy with many jobs to do because the reason I wanna be good one to learn anything step by step. See you and let’s fly.

E-Magazine Be Traveler Story Citra

Happy Story start from You

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