Eating Durian in The Durian Season Do you like to eat fruits? Do you ever taste tropical fruits? Where is the fruits You can find only in Asia, including Indonesia. Because, I stay and live in Indonesia. Mostly, this fruits You can find in Asia with the season of this fruits. The smell is so strong and the shape of the fruits a lot of thorns. The smell is so strong and sometimes this fruits is not allowing in the hotel rooms.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the strong smell fruits which this fruits the price sometimes so expensive. It calls durian. This fruits can’t find it every day because this fruits depend on season come. Even like that, when this fruits already cooked. Many people love to eat that with many level ages kids till adult.

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I am so happy when I am holiday in Medan, Indonesia. Even in this time is not Durian season but a few places still sell durian fruits. Long time ago, I do not understand, why durian has been called “the King of Fruits.” The reason because durian has enormous size (about 1 foot long), weight. Some people love to eat durian and hate it. The taste of durian fruit is sweet and buttery in texture plus it has very little juice.

 When I was kid, I eat a lot of durians in one time eat. I am grow up as teen and I hate it and make me dizzy. This time, I love to eat durian and I also love to try eat durian during my holiday in Medan. I am so surprise when I visit Medan city, Sumatera, Indonesia. It is not durian season but some places sell fresh durian. I visit two places and I decided to try in Bolang Durian. I will tell you story about this next time.

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Eating durian is not easy because the fruits has thorn and sometimes it can hurt your fingers suddenly if you are not be careful when eating durian. The smell is so strong, some people can get dizzy when smelling this fruits but some people love to smell this aroma. I love to eat durian in fresh meat and sometimes to make creation. It’s so delicious. I bet You want to try the king of tropical fruits in Asia.

 How to eat durian? It is not easy but I always ask the durian seller to open it with perfect way so when I take away or home. I can open it so easy and eat that. Why I like durian again after long time I do not like durian. Because Durian is a strange combination of savory, sweet, and creamy all at once. That is the reason I like it and also the price so expensive, sometimes haha. I will tell you tips for you who never eat durian before. First at all choose the good and best durian first. Because if you try taste the cheaper durian first, You will not it at all. If you try to eat the best first, perhaps You will love it. The meat so yummy and sweet with the yellow color. 

Oops. I have to stop talking about durian right now. Because, I can not wait to try durian in Thailand soon on my next holiday. So, do you want to try dare yourself to eat durian during your holiday?

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  1. durian is the most delicious fruit that i always adore

    hiks ... you make me want to buy durian right now

    hiks hiks hiks

  2. One of my favorite fruit. Its kinda costly in Batam but in Medan or any other place in java, its very cheap. But whenever the season is arrive, I always have some durian for sure. Love it.

  3. Durian itu buah yang terenak... di batam durian buah yang paling mahal hahahah mana ditimbang lagi sama kulitnya.

    Jadi pingin durian...
    Walaupun dibatam mahal kk durian ttp aku beli klo lagi pingin

  4. I got what you mean,saved to favorites, very decent web site.


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