Enjoy Instant Arabic Coffee with Cardamom

StoryCitra-Coffee who does not drink coffee. It’s like you lost your best friend in early morning. Smell aroma coffee in early morning time is so perfect to say the world”.  I am ready to be the winner of the day.” Get lost the sleepy eyes and get good spirit to do something in early morning. That is what I feel when I am drinking coffee in early morning! How about you?

Today, I want to tell you story about Instants Arabic Coffee with Cardamom. I know, it’s sound like weird because I do not like cardamom for the soup and now its in the coffee. I am the one who always love to taste something new and nice. I think I will love this coffee. Already long time, I never make article about Miss Lazy in the Kitchen. So, here I am making other coffee for you and I.  What do I need to make delicious Arabic coffee with Cardamom? Do you think I can not make it? Emm, do you wonder my friends? So let’s check this out!

Ingredients: one Sachet of Instant Arabic Coffee with Cardamom is Instant Coffee, Coffee Creamer, (Corn Syrup, Palm Oil, Casein (Contains Milk) Stabilizer (E340ii, E452ii), Anti-Caking Agent (E551), Emulsifier E472 (Plant Origin), Acidity Regulator (E524), Emulsifier (E481), Natural Cardamom Flavor, Natural Biscuit Flavor, Natural Spices Flavor, Green Tea Extract.

How to Prepare or cook

First put water inside of  water heater such as 150 ml. After bolling water. Then put a sachet Instant Arabic Coffee with Cardamom inside of a cup of glass. After that, put the hot water around 150 ml in the glass and serve it.

 Horrey, my coffee is already to drink. See, even I am miss lazy in the kitchen but I can make my own coffee. Do you wonder how its taste? Honestly, it’s taste is good for coffee but for the cardamom to strong. The first time the hot water fill a glass. The aroma coffee is strong. Nice for the aroma but when I taste I do not like so much so I give this 60 for the taste. Aroma of cardamom is to strong inside a cup. Contain of coffee is not bad, after drinking this coffee my eyes really open and I can do my regular activities. 

 Nutritional Data behind the sachet of Arabic coffee with cardamom
Per 100ml
% GDA*

- of which Sugars
- of which Saturates
The Price is

I wanna try different coffee from other the world. Even this name coffee Arabian but the producer this coffee in South Korea. So awesome! O.K this the end of this miss lazy in the kitchen about how to make Arabian coffee which it so simple and delicious if you love cardamom. See you another story in Miss Lazy in the kitchen.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. Rasanya pasti unik karena ada cardamomnya ya..

  2. I dont really like strong coffee too, not too strong is fine

  3. cardamom tu bahan apa ya kak.. kalau saya minum kopi pagi-pagi itu bisa langsung berhasrat ingin p*p..

  4. Saya suka minum kopi tapi bukan termasuk coffee addict. Saya hanya akan minum kopi saat kangen setelah lama nggak menyeruput secangkir kopi. Tapi penasaran juga kayak apa kira-kira rasanya Arabic Coffee.

  5. Jadi penasaran.. Gimana ya rasanya kopi campur kapulaga? Kok aku ngebayangin kopi dicampur kuah soto Banjar, hehehe.. Beli dimana sih kopinya? Pengen banget cobain...

  6. I don't know what the Cardamom is. Is it like herb?

  7. Awalnya, Kirain kopi beneran dari arab eh ternyata dari korea :D

  8. Di alfa or indomart ada jual ga ya ini?

  9. I also have to drink coffee every morning. I ever try Arabic coffee with cardamom in one resto, but I don't like it. Maybe cause that's the first time I taste it, haha...


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