Moving freedom when PMS | This is the Secret you ever feel wonder about your Period time? Sometimes, woman is always wonder when her PMS will come. I still remember, one of my friend hope she will get pregnant. When the period come, she becomes sad. Because that is mean she still not POSITIVE to get baby inside her belly. As for the teenager and the girl, they always expected to come on time or late. When we are planning a vacation or activities, it will not bothered.

Today, Citra wants to tell you about Moving Freedom when PMS. Let’s try to imagine when you're planning a vacation on the beach long time ago. Suddenly your PMS approached. Oh NOOOOO!!! You felt like want to crying and upset, but to whom??? Yups, get laid off, then fixed onto the beach also can not play water. Because you could only sit and bite the fingers when playmates are playing water and getting wet with salt water (sea). One more thing, sometimes your mood can not be controlled, it could be problems between you and friends, am I right???

In the past, when it would PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) or menstruation or period for women, it was very uncomfortable. Worry will penetrate into the back of the pants or skirt. Like a nightmare and very uncomfortable. It seemed that, between real and false ... Furthermore, the selection of dressings is not much like the present; If today friend were asked, when you will PMS come? We only smile and say already passed. No more suspicious signs, such as fidgeting, not quiet, a little bit of a look backward. Afraid that suddenly the red appear and showed it footsteps. Lucky, no way.

Long time ago, I always get this "sign" out from CD photo:

Still having the problem? It is means your fault lies in the selection bandage (pads wrapping). Nowadays, I feel free to move and no longer anxious for fear translucent. It was not separated from the selection of pads that are suitable for any activity. Many brands, models, size pads, that is making headaches because so confused to choose which one is good one. Do you want to try this one or another one? Is my pads election appropriate?


Sometimes there are doubts. Especially when viewed various brands, models , sizes, styles pads that make us tempted to buy it. But is it convenient and safe to use? Confused???? Originally choose , suddenly it so damn disappointed ........ : (

That is nothing wrong, if you wanna try to select the best, You've tried various models of pads that are offered in supermarkets. Ranging from low to high price, wings and without wings, but there was one that made me fall in love. Moreover I am very suitable and convenient when using pads on this brand.

Do you want to know??? Well, I love to give clue) by notifying the plastic color from these pads. Plastic (wrap) is blue. Can you picture what is my favorite brand of sanitary napkins (pad)? Definitely, I bet you are confused which one, because Indonesia brand for pads with the blue plastic has two brands.  Well, one my favorite is Laurier Relax night with a length that is super long. The reason, besides the size is really cover my pants front and rear (back). When using this pad of Laurier Relax Night is really making the user free to move, tilted to the right and left side, jumping, running, all safe to do. Plus, the adhesive on the wing (wing -it) is very fitting. So it really tasted freedom at work or asleep when PMS coming every month.

This issue is certainly not understood by men. They never bother with this condition because it just only women who understand this one. Of course, there are many reasons why Laurier Relax Night is becoming an option for you and me. That's because these pads are equipped with QuickLock system with surface cleaning. In other words, these pads are equipped with a system that is very fast absorption. Not only absorb but also tie it into. So that the liquid is exposed to these pads will not reappear above the surface of the pads. So that the surface of the pads still look dry. So users will still feel comfortable using this pads laurier relax  night.

The shape of these pads is really like "diapers" in which on the back of napkin Laurier Relax Night is really wide. So that when sitting, do not need to fear that the blood will be widened to the back and cause a "leak". So through to the back of clothing that is being used.

I just remember when the first time I got my period. I got to wear pants in two layers to anticipate in order not translucent. Now quite a napkin and a panty only. Although the size of the long and wide not mean pad is very convenient to use while moving or doing activities. Pad Laurier Relax Night is actually have a safety side leak-proof and also the bending zone. So that these pads will follows body shape without providing the slightest gap leakage from either the front, side and rear.

This is why I fell in love for the first time when using this pads. If you like that one? Already precise is the selection of pads for company you when your true friends come to you (read: period)?

Happy Story start from You

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