Review: Crazy Spicy Chicken at MaiMilk different style food, that is not killing us. Do you still remember my program on YouTube channel 20,000 Idr what do you get. When I am searching place to gets “shoot” for my youtube video, suddenly raining come out. It is making me on trouble, of course. Then I decided to stop in one of restaurant when I did past in this street.


Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Crazy Spicy Chicken at MaiMilk restaurant in Tanjungpinang. Located in Sukaberenang, MaiMilk menu has variant about spicy level of chicken. Which the chicken has many variant spicy start from normal until crazy spicy. Honestly, I like the chicken crispy and also crazy levels which make me feel so hot. I mean spicy haha. Yes, in rain season and eat spicy chicken that is so fantastic.

The price is not so expensive, it start from 12,000 IDR. This MaiMilk restaurant also has steak chicken the price start 25,000 IDR but I do not try it. The most this place is fancy with good access on internet. So, while waiting the food, I can upload on my social media haha. What else I can do to kill the time.

When the food come, I can not wait to taste the spicy inside my mouth. Can you imagine crispy with chilly or sambal around it. It so cool but if you don’t like spicy do not dare try to crazy levels because it will make your mouth like hell on fire.. so spicy and it is not good for you tummy. Even like that, you should try variants food because one day I also want to try another menu in this restaurant. When I am eating there I have program only spend 20,000 idr for two foods or more. 

I finish my channel so next time, I want to try some variants food there if I can eat some food again haha. Because, I am on diet right now but that is not mean I can not enjoy culinary to make my life more variants. Like this best quotes I choose to you, ” Food is an important part of a balanced diet.” -Fran Lebowitz  

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