The Power of Praying you believe in God? If you answer is YES. Then you know about the power of praying! A few weeks ago, I do told you about, “Does God answer my Pray?” and now, I would love to say it is amazing to pray to God to know about the power of pray.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about “The Power of Pray.” Perhaps, do you ever hear about this story but I will rewrite it again. Long time ago, an old woman who leaves alone, she is already trying to find a job but she does not find it. She is so confusing because she can not get money again and the food is just enough for tomorrow.

Usually, she works such as daily worker who clean house or whatever she gets it but lately she is difficult to get a job. She is not lazy woman, actually but this time, she is not lucky, she is getting sad while going home. She knows the food will finish soon. Then, she decides to pray to God.

In the prey, she tells to the God about her problem in alive. “Dear God, do you know, I am not lazy. I do try to find a job but lately is difficult for me to get a job. I do not have any food. I believe in You, and You will help me to find out my way. When she is praying, her neighbor who does not believe God hears about it.

Suddenly, her neighbor wants to show her; God is not exists. So, in silent he is going to shopping about some ingredients food and put it in front of the old woman. In morning time, when a woman is opening her front door, she is so surprises find some ingredients in front of the door which it will make her survive for a week. Then, she is praying to say Thank You to The God. She is so happy.

Then, the neighbor who hears the woman pray, come to her house and ask who is giving it to her. The woman said that was God. Then, the man is laughing because he puts that thing in the night. Suddenly, the woman answers it because of God, so you do it. It makes the man silent and goes.

This is I want to tell you, The power of Pray is so amazing but sometimes when we are praying the answer never direct. So, when you are praying and then you are realized and feel God never answer your pray. Absolutely you are wrong because we never know how the way God answer my pray. Then, I wanna say to all my readers. The July will be end soon but the spirit of life should never end. Let’s welcome August with full spirit and new vision. Have a good day. Like the people said, Yesterday was HiStory, Today is PRESENT and Tomorrow is mystery. So, do not be upset about pass and worry about future. We can do the best for present because it more important to keep happy.


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  1. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

    Trust this verse, and enjoy your life.

  2. Iyah kak, Tuhan itu baek banget sama aku. Banyak doa2 yang udah dikabulkan. Tapi nggak instan dan butuh waktu... Keep spirit my sista.

  3. Everything happens in the right time, and We had to trust the timing of my life.
    Fear nothing and pray about everything. Be strong, trust God's word, and trust the process.

  4. Bijak sekali kak.

    menurut saya, walaupun sebenarnya itu tetangga yang kasih makanan, tetap Tuhan juga yang berkenan. Tuhan memperkenankan si tetangga buat mendengar doa perempuan itu. dan memperkenankan dia untuk membeli makanan dan mengantarkannya ke si perempuan.

  5. nggak semua doa dikabulkan bukan Tuhan nggak sayang sama kita tapi Tuhan tahu yang terbaik bagi umatnya. Nanti kalau semua doa terkabul jadi congkak

  6. memang luar biasa kakak ini, menginspirasi lagi di pagi yang indah ini
    kekuatan doa memang akan menjadi hal yang membawa keajaiban bagi kita


  7. banyak doa dan harapan saya juga sudah dikabulkan Tuhan
    kadang malu jika sering merasa belum cukup
    memang masih banyak harapan harapan harus terus berusaha dan berdoa

  8. Pagi pagi baca beginian terharu banget kak. Terima kasih udah share ke kita


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