Patong Beach Nightlife and Beach in Phuket island is nice place to enjoy your time. The most wonderful when You can get easy access to go anywhere. What do you like when you get holiday and get opportunity to discover new place? Honestly, I love to stay in place which it is nice place and so close with beach.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Patong beach. This place the most famous beach on Phuket. This place is not only about beach but also about nightlife. Where is one street, you can see a lot of clubs. You can see many bars and dancer everywhere. Even, you do not like party but when you discover this place. You can see every side right and left, the clubs and bars offer nice price to drink variant alcohol. If you do not believe me, you can find out to this area. 


Honestly, I love to see different culture and I feel so pity because I think it’s like exploitation women body. The women are wearing sexy dress and dancing in the pillar on the table. While some male sit there and watching them dance and drinking a glass of beer or alcohol. That’s life, you have to do that to survive or you are death. So, I am not blame about it. I am a woman and I just feel sorry for them.

Beside the nightlife there, Patong beach is great beach. Enjoy time in Patong beach, it is so awesome. The view of the beach, it is not so bad. Many people love to seat near beach on the sands. While you seat, you can hear the waves of sea. It’s so lovely and I fall in love while see the sunset and also after dinner seat near the beach.

I told you already for the nightlife it is only one street and it called Soi Bangla (Bangla Road). This is not difficult to get there. No worry, it is safety and I do not feel danger around this area. Even this place a lot of clubs, bars but this is not so bad to discover. Many people go there with family and also the kids just to pass this area to get nice restaurants around Patong beach, including me.




Many people around the Bangla road, so do not imagine this place is quiet. This place is very crowded, many tourist and also workers in the street. Some people offer the service to drink in the bars. Some people also dancing to get little money while the people watch them dancing in the middle of the bangla road. You never find cars, bike around this area bangla road because it is not allow to transportation pass this road. So, it is nice! 


What you can get in this place, Let’s me tell you. The famous beach and when I go there. The government is not allow people to swimming because the waves so high level and danger. The nightlife you can find in Patong beach, Phuket, Thailand. The yummy culinary, the street food until the great restaurants, including you can find many seller for souvenir. Enjoy time, when you discover patong beach in Phuket Island, Thailand. Let’s packing your bag and discover yourself with many strangers people in Bangla street and Patong beach to get wonderful day. 




Happy Story start from You

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