Beware in Nap Patong Hotel Phuket! Everyone always loves to make amazing holiday! Even it just stays in a hotel, but that is amazing to do! That is why some people love to spend a lot of money to get nice and luxury hotel. This is a quote of the day I share to you, “Chilling out on the bed in your hotel room watching television, while wearing your own pajamas, is sometimes the best part of a vacation.” -Laura Marano.

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Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Nap Patong Hotel at Phuket, Thailand. Oops why, the title has the word “BEWARE,” because you will love to spend time on this hotel. The reason, this hotel so close on Patong beach. From the hotel, You and I just need a walk around 3 minutes to get the beachfront. The most, I love stays in Nap Hotel, because the location is a quiet and so close from the Bangla Road. Ops, I think some my readers do not know  what is Bangla Road; Bangla road is heart of night life and shopping area. You can go to party on that place. Its only 10 minutes walks. It all depends on the speed of our footsteps to go to Bangla road. It can be short or longer, because many things you can find the way to get there. Ops, let's focus on the Nap Patong Hotel in Phuket, now the name already change become X2 Vibe Phuket Patong Hotel.

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Let's talking about Nap Patong Hotel, Phuket, Thailand and I love to stay there. The first because the location is easy to go anywhere. This hotel is minimalist modern design. It’s so awesome, including the service from the hotel. When you arrive in this hotel, you can see the lobby area  is so nice. Even no fan, but you can feel the winds everywhere. You and I'll love sit in this lobby. We can also look the pool and restaurant for the breakfast time from the lobby. You also can try to eat in the restaurant for lunch or dinner, it is so great menu, they offer for you with great price, of course.

A seat in the lobby is nice, if you have baby, the kid can play sands box near you. Honestly, I love many turtles as decorative in this hotel; that things caught my attention, including the concept of this hotel such as  an open-concept design, that is why I can see the classy bar and airy lobby from outside and lobby. This hotel is spoil the guess with the  lined with comfy sofas, two large salas  and daybeds in the line lobby. The welcome drink is also simple with the cold water, include slices pineapple inside the glass. It’s so nice! Can you imagine, when your journey is longer and get fresh and cold water before you can get inside your room, its so cool, right. 


Finally, my room already prepare. When I look my room, I love it! Nice bed and also another “welcome” soft drinks. The staff tell to the guess, we can  take two soft drink FREE. Of course daily clean water and tea, coffee are renewing every day. The most important,  they give two style sandals, first sandal special in the room and one sandal special goes to the beach, include the tote bag and towel special to bring to the beach. You  can use it while go to the beach. Perfect! as long as you never miss it, because you should pay for that.



How about the balcony? It is big with the big comfortable chair and table. Besides, it also have clothesline from the wood. So, you can use to dry your clothes there before going to laundry. Are you like me? The people who  love to wash own clothes by yourself,  so this clothesline is very important then So, I can clean my special private clothes to clean it and make it dry. 

The Breakfast is AWESOME

Even the food is not many variants, but it is so awesome to enjoy your breakfast. I just hope in the future; they make separated the pork and other menus. So, I can take it without wonder it already mix. Honestly, they give fresh fruit as topical fruits and I enjoy it such as rambutan, dragon fruits and for the fruits, I guess it depends on season fruits in Thailand.



The dessert is so nice. I like it either and of course the service is good too. Even, that people are not speaking English (some people in the restaurant), but they try hard to give best service. I give 4 thumbs to them, because friendly and helpful so much. When suddenly, you need something to send email or check something on the internet, and you are not bringing your laptop, notebook, and you get trouble to see the screen from your smartphone, no worry! This hotel is available to the work space, inside the room has three computers you can use, and all free.

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Note: another name of Nap Patong Hotel is X2 Vibe Phuket Patong Hotel
Address: 5/55 Haad Patong Road., Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand
Phone: +66 (0) 76 343 111
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  1. Cozy place for spending holiday at Phuket, thanks for Sharing

  2. hey stay at a really nice place. The food is appetizing!

  3. The hotel looks beautiful and the breakfast is so Yum!I will definetely spend a night in Nap if i'm going to Phuket! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Waah... Phuket is one of the destinations that I want to visit. Maybe soon I'll go to there. Nap patong hotel and phuket will be my wishlist... Hope so lucky I am...

  5. Indeed nice place 4 stay... i hope will be go there next time mba... InsyaAllah

  6. A very cozy hotel I think.... When I went to Thailand several months ago I enjoy a wonderfull traveling but how poor there were so many people can't speak english. So we used bahasa tarzan in many places hahaha....

  7. Nap hotel ini bagus ya, dan kayanya rekomen bangat nih buat nginap klo nanti ke Phukut.


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