Don’t You Feel Bad! Let’s Do Simple Things to be Happy do you want into your life? Honestly, I want to be happy! Sometimes I feel bad and I do not know how to make me feel better. I do try many things to be happy but everything is like wrong! Don’t you feel bad in your life? If you feel like that, I guess you are in the right place to make you feel good again. Quotes today, believe it, simple things will make you feel so happy. -citrapandiangan.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Do simple think to be happy. I know! You will not believe it! How the simple things can make us be happy. It’s real life, and this is not fairy tale. Do you ever try to sleep with the hungry belly? Do you sleep so late? How is your feel when you are awake up in the morning? You feel worse, am I right?

Let’s change the simple bad things we do it every day. Let’s start something will make us happy in early morning such as SLEEP TIGHT in the night. How to sleep well in the night? Find the right time to sleep at night. Honestly, long time ago, I always sleep after 2 am then wake up around 8 am. My feel and body feel aren’t good; when I change my bad habit, I sleep mostly late around 11 pm and awake in early morning such as 7 am. I feel better.

Sometimes, I sleep when my belly feel hungry because I am on diet! It makes me can not sleep well, when I wake up; I feel so bad either. So, even I am on diet, when I feel hungry, I eat something healthy food such as an apple. It will not make my belly upset; I also can sleep well all night, and wake up with good feeling.

As a human, I feel angry sometimes. I know feel angry is not good for mind and health, but I try I will stop angry before sun goes down. If you keep the angry in early morning till night, it will make your mood so bad. It will make you lost the feeling happiness. Better, STOP ANGRY! Let’s them go down such as sun goes down. Let’s the happiness come to you.

I know that is so simple but sometimes we are forget the way to find happiness in the simple way in our daily life. If you are agree with me, would you give this simple article to your friends and family. So, they can remind about happiness in the simple way; which we always forget it. I wish you and I always feel happy in our life, even I know life is not fairy tale, up and down is normal but don’t make it a reason to lost the happiness. 



Happy Story start from You

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  1. As a full time mom with a baby, sleeping well every single night still in my dream. Haha thanks for nice sharing citra. Btw if you try to sleep when hungry, I'm trying to sleep when angry


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