Benefit Body Lotion for Body to Keep it Health stop to touch your skin when you are feeling good on healthy skin. I love to touch my skin either, it so soft and nice. Skin care is very important for women, because it will make skin keep glowing and health. If the skin is not health, then it will dry and it can be like “snake” skin. Can you imagine about it?

Today, Citra will tell you story about benefit using body lotion and why I love to shopping body lotion on her

Long time ago, I am always lazy to apply body lotion on my skin. It is not effect in short time but long time, I notice my skin become so dry. It is so annoying when I look dry skin in my skin. Honestly, it make me feel uncomfortable and bad luck confidence.


When I take longer time during warm showering. It also get fast responds on my skin. It become so damn dry. I am so confused, why it happened to my skin. I do not want to look older because my skin is to dry. Then I realize I need great moisturizer for my body.

I realize, how is very important to apply body lotion in our body. This is the reason, why you body lotion.

Re-hydrate dried skin

Skin is very easy get dry from wind, cold either heat. Whatever you are living in every country in the world, your skin will faster dry. That is why you need body lotion to keep moisturizer on your skin. Great body lotion when apply to your skin after taking shower or bath. It will keep our skin hydrated. Body lotion is very easy to remove the dead skin in our skin. That is why you need it after taking shower. Applying body lotion with good smell will make you feel good and smell good.

That is why I never bore to apply my skin with body lotion. I know a lot body lotion sell in market and body shop. Honestly, I like using VIVA Body lotion because the cream is thick and smell is good. It’s easy to apply on my skin. The body lotion is cheaper but with good quality. So, I am not wonder and worry again when I am holiday and taking shower longer with the warm shower will effect to my skin become dry; because I have solution for that! Using Viva body lotion is great to regeneration skin on my body.

Happy Story start from You

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