Smile is Making You Feel Happy and Attractive you like smile? If you said you do not like smile. How do you take your selfie photo? I bet you will make it look so great with bright smile. It is not difficult to do right! Smiling when you take photo to show how happiness you are. Quotes of the day: Smile never make you feel bad even your day is bad. When You are smiling, You feel warm inside your heart and spirit in mind – Citra Pandiangan.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about smile is making you feel happy and attractive. This is not secret anymore. Smile always make you look pretty/handsome, because smile is magic in your face and mind. Do you know benefit smile every day? If you do not know, You should read this article and I bet you will smile every day; because smile is good for your life and make you look so damn attractive.

You always Attractive when Smile

Can you imagine how is ugly you are, when you are not smiling. You look so unfriendly and unhappier either. So, when you are smiling; you look so attractive and nice such as pretty. Do not believe me, you should compare it by yourself. Let’s taking photo by yourself, when you are smile and not smile. Then which the results do you like? I bet when you are smiling, am I right?

Stress Gone when Smile

I know everyone has stress in their lives. That is normal because life is hard, it’s the reason we need work hard and play harder. Sometimes, it makes us stress. I know some people do not believe it, if SMILE can make stress GONE. Perhaps, I am wrong; It is not secret anymore if smiling relieves stress. Yours stress gone, when you are really smile. I do not know, do you believe this sentence or not, but you can try to smiling when you are stress. Taking your time to smiling and you can feel better. I am trying to keep smile whatever day come to my life. I believe it will make stress gone away, at least for this time.

Healthy Smile will boosts your Immune System

Are you smiling every day? Smile is good because it can boost your immune system. The reason when you are smiling; you are more relax that is why the function immune system so damn effective. Smile also can lower your blood pressure, you can prove it when you are reading and smiling. Can you feel it and make different then you are not smile when reading a book.

Feel Good when Smiling

I know when I am smiling, I feel good and better. I do not know what kind of magic for smiling. I just know, it makes me feel good and better. Although if I am thinking bad things and try to refuse it with smile; honest smile nor fake smile. I feel something nice inside my mind and heart. It so warm and make me feel relax and happier. That is why I am still trying hard to keep smile every day in my life. Do you know, what is the secret to make your face keep smile every day? If you want to know, do not miss another article on this blog. If you think this article is very helpful for you and make your feel better. Lets shared it to your friends and family, so they will know benefit smile in alive.


Happy Story start from You

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