Variants Culinary Shisha Café in Taste Part 1 time when eating in the design interior Middle East. It’s making me fly to imagination, “One day and somehow I will go there, this time is the start day to trying adventure in the culinary.” That’s what I am thinking and I always love to imagination like that, if I go to the style restaurant for Middle East food, such as Shisha Café Indonesia. Quotes of the day, “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Variants Culinary Shisha Café in Taste. As a human, I love to eat delicious food; sometimes try to different food as long as it still HALAL on my religion. I know, I am Christian Adventist and sometimes it’s difficult for me to find food, but when I find the food with delicious taste; I am so happy and I would love to share it.

Comfortable Decoration Shisha Café

Shisha café in Indonesia have 4 places, there is Shisha Café Kemang, Shisha Café Menteng, Shisha café Legian, and Shisha café sunset road. Most the decoration is Middle East with the color lights. The seats are comfortable; this place has outdoor and indoor. I love to stay outdoor because it will not get a lot of smoke. The reason is why this place has a lot of smoke because they also offer shisha such as that name (haha, lol).  I am not talking about shisha because I am not do it, I just wanna talk about the food.




Watering Foods in Shisha Café

1. Shorbat Khoudar

It’s clear vegetables soup, this soup cooked with fresh vegetables and herbs. This food served with fresh baked sasame bread. Honestly, I love to eat this food. I can feel the taste sour and fresh vegetable. It this soup with sesame bread put in the soup when the soap still hot. So yummy make my stomach feel comfortable.

2. Manakeesh Zaatar
When I look the picture, I can see this pizza style Middle Eastern. Actually that’s right! Manakeesh is mean Leebanese pizza which it homemade fresh baked pizza dough with variant topping such as we are choice. This time, I am trying to try zaatar! Honestly, I am wonder, what is mean za’atar because it look a lot of seeds in the topping pizza.

So, I am trying to find out! The spice blend cherished and craved above all others is undoubtedly Za’atar—also spelled Zaa’tar, Zaatar, and Zatar- which is not only an ingredient, but a cultural icon in and of itself. As a Wikipedia said about zatar, this is the sentence explain about this seed;  is an herb or family of herbs, as well as a spice mixture typically used as a condiment, containing the herb along with toasted sesame seeds, dried sumac, and often salt, as well as other spices. As a family of related Middle Eastern herbs, it contains plants from the genera Origanum (oregano), Calamintha (basil thyme), Thymus (typically Thymus vulgaris, i.e., thyme), and Satureja (savory). The name za'atar alone most properly applies to Origanum syriacum.  Wow, it’s a lot explain, am I right? Even I don’t understand what kind of that seeds but when eat this pizza zatar or Manakeesh za’atar the seeds so yummy and perfect with the pizza dough.

All right, I won’t talk about the food only but also the drink or beverage. I do try some drinks in Shisha café offers such as cold drink and hot drink. So, let’s me tell you about what’s the most I love to drink on Shisha café.

3. Green Tea Blend


The blend green tea with the ice is so yummy and health. They have good sense of the style drink. They put wiper cream and mint leaves such as decoration. Drinking this drink, it will make you won’t stop till the glass empty.

4. Kiwi Juice    

It’s not secret anymore if kiwi is contains with vitamin C and the taste of Kiwi is sore but health. Can you imagine fresh kiwi is served with Lebanon style food? It’s perfect match to company your dinner or lunch time.

A lot of food and drink, I do try in the Shisha café, but I should stop right now because I don’t want to make your month juicy when read this article. Let’s back next time to read the part two about my little adventure, when trying to enjoy culinary in the Shisha café. No worry, next time, I will give you the completed address about this café in Jakarta and Bali; If you think this article is useful, would you share it to your social media and comment which the food you love to eat in Shisha café? Have good day, God bless you and me. 

Happy Story start from You

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