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StoryCitra-Don’t we life in social media circle? Sometimes it’s hard to see people get fun and we just keep silent in the dark. Sometimes it’s amazing to get information about new things, and we never know it before. The quotes of this day; “Information is nice to get know, but sometimes it can kill us with the feeling jealous; if we can’t control it –Citra Pandiangan.” 

Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Full lighting in the Teamlab Future Park in Jakarta, Indonesia.” Once upon a time, I looked my friend video about fun time in the Teamlab Future Park Jakarta; I felt so excited to see that video. Honestly, I was thinking about it too. I hope so, I could visit that place. Lucky me! I had time to short holiday in Jakarta and attend about 1000 stars-up. You can see the video about that event on this channel Youtube Citra Pandiangan.
Amazing Event Star-Up Indonesia

I stayed in central Jakarta and to get to the Teamlab Future Park Jakarta was so far. I wonder about should I go or it just dream can’t be REAL. I looked it on maps, the space to get to Gandaria City Mall need more than 10 kilo meters from the place I stayed. Wondering and then I decided before ending holiday; I should go there.

Viola, finally I visited that place and try to find located on second floors of Gandaria City Mall at Jakarta, Indonesia. I can’t wait to get there and because I did not find a lot of information on internet about this park. It was confusing and sadness that it using time to entrance. I looked my watch, and I need 30 minutes before the ticketing box open. So, I decided to look around the mall.  

Finally, time was flied faster. I went to the second floors and try to buy the ticket. It should buy online, but they could help us with the debit machine or credit card. The ticket around 225,000 IDR it still not tax and admin fee. Lucky me, I had BCA debit card, so I just need paid ticket around 150,000 IDR with tax and admin fee, so total around 180,000 IDR. It still good price right!

What I get when I paid that ticket? I get full of lighting future park lol. This entertain exist till 20th December 2019, if I am not wrong! So, do not miss it to get fun time like I do. The TeamLab Future Park Jakarta has 5 interactive art installations, there are Animal Flowers, Symbiotic Lives; Graffti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn; Sliding through the Fruit Field; Sketch Aquarium; and Light Ball Orchestra.

I really get fun time during entrance the lighting park (The Teamlab Future Park Jakarta). The first in Animal Flowers room, I love it. The room is so dark when I entranced. Then I heard some voice of passengers get fun with the music playing in the sound of room. Suddenly, the dark room became colorful with the animal flowers walk on the screen. 

It is amazing time when I can touch correctly the animal, the animal look at me and give me sound like the real animal. Wow, I really want to touch all of them hahaha. Time is faster and I stack in the Animal Flowers, Symbiotic Lives. It’s time to move on to other rooms. It called Graffti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn. This room is not dark like the first room but it most colorful flowers and animal such as crocodile, butterfly and the big whale with blue color. 

I like to get picture of course. The most exciting, when I stop, and flowers appear in my feet. Fantastic! Then the whale is awesome move slowly with the butterfly and flowers. When I move, the flower petals fly away. It’s so cute, right. I also get a change to choose one picture to coloring it. Then the worker will scan and it will appear in the big screen. It’s so nice.

After getting fun in this room, then I continue to get another room. That is called Light Ball Orchestra. When touch the ball and the ball will change color. It’s nice, but to get entrance this room, you should use socks. Let’s get fun here like kids never get lighting balls hahaha. When you feel excited be kids. Do you want to get Sliding through the Fruit Field? This is really feel like kids and I love to do it again and again, if I do not see the time is faster.

The last time is get fun in the sketch aquarium; first you should choose again the drawing you want to coloring. Then it will appear in aquarium. Most the aquarium contains sketch people fish and many things animal under sea. Honestly, it is really fun time. If you do not believe me, check this out video on Youtube channel

Citra Pandiangan Youtube Channel

Jejak Cantik Youtube Channel

It is so excited with the friendly cost if we compare to another country to get fun time in the lighting future park. So, if you have short time holiday in Jakarta before December end. Let’s try to be fun with this light. Friends, if you think my article about the little adventure in Jakarta, Indonesia is useful; Will you share it? Thanks for reading and have good day. 

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