Age is Only Number, Success never Look How Old are You!, I am afraid to know how old I am in this year! I understand know, why some my friends always wonder about ages. When I am still younger, now I am in their position. I am afraid with my ages soon or late I will be old. I am not afraid to getting old but I am still not success yet. Quotes of the day, “Old age adds to the respect due to virtue, but it takes nothing from the contempt inspired by vice; it whitens only the hair.” -Ira Gershwin

Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Age is only number, success never look how old are you!” Do you believe it? Honestly, I don’t believe it. Success should be start from the teenager. How you can be success while you already old. This time, I realize how much time I waste it. Time can’t back and I also won’t blame myself. I am already happy about my decision but this time I am so afraid about, why I am not success yet! My ages isn’t younger anymore, soon or late I will be old too.

That’s so scary when some friends told me ages is only number, but the number ages make me scare! Calm down myself and search some information about the people whose success in their 40 something. Don’t you believe it? I will share some the success people when they are already old enough to be success in career.

Perhaps, you do not know who is Julia Child. She worked in advertising and media before writing her first cookbook, when she was 50. She was launching her career as a celebrity chef in 1961.  Awesome, she decided become chef when she was in the age 50 years old. She was success chef and become great chef on the television show.

How about the owner McDonald? Before decided to make his owns business. RayRay Kroc only  milkshake-device salesman as his career. He was 52 in 1954 while decided to buying McDonald’s. He grew it into the world’s biggest fast-food franchise in the world. Don’t you like to eat burger in MD. 

Can you imagine? Why he start to late make his own business and spent years just being milkshake-device salesman. That was my question in my mind. The most I think the most I understand about the comfortable zone; as long as we feel comfortable and we are afraid to try something new. The most I am thinking, I understand some people afraid to try new things because they are afraid to fail it.

When we find out the conditions we can no longer work in the company where we work. Then, we get the courage to try new things. Although there is a failure presentation, but there is an intention and willingness to try. In the end, success is in our own hands. The comfort zone always make us feel comfortable and do not try to different things. 

Honestly, since teenager I was already make little business; but it was just short time because I didn’t have enough time to make cookies. Then, I worked in small company such as an administration, hotel such as housekeeping department. I felt something wrong. I decided to continue studied; Then I got my dream job as journalism, I worked there long time. My family asked me to resign but I didn’t want it!

Actually, I felt sorry about my decision! Why I did not hear my parents and sister suggestion to try different career. It was too late for me to try new things because my old almost 40 years old to work in oversea with great salary. Then, I decided to move to big city but it just a few years before I was back to my new home town. Till now, I decided I did not want to work in office again. I want to make my own business. So, I try new skill and now I am trying to open small business as service for photo products. I wish this business will be success. Cross my fingers, try hard and play slow while pray. Do you believe, I will be success in this business (I hope so). Even it was late for me to start the business because already a lot professional photography and I just start it.



Honestly, I do not know either but I should try new things and try hard to be success. So, would you used my service such as photo products to your business. Let’s chat on me on I hope so you will try my service and I give the best for you.  



Happy Story start from You

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