Mask and Foam in One Tube Cosmetic Viva

viva kosmetik kualitas bagus As a woman, of course we want to always look beautiful and attractive whenever and wherever. However, sometimes the trouble when we have to travel. It’s so complicated, if we have to carry various kinds of makeup equipment. Moreover, at present only a few planes provide free luggage. Can you Imagine, how’s heavy the makeup bag we should carry. In fact, you just want to travel a few days. Quotes of the day, ““Beauty is in the skin! Take care of it, oil it, clean it, scrub it, perfume it, and put on your best clothes, even if there is no special occasion, and you'll feel like a queen. If society is hard on you, fight back by pampering your skin. Skin is political. Otherwise why would the imams order us to hide it?- Fatima Mernissi.

mask and foam face Viva

Today, Citra Pandiangan want to tell you story about one cosmetic can care your skin such as foam and mask. Actually, there is no need to be complicated. I know many cosmetic will give the good offer for women. So, when we are traveling, we don’t need to carry a lot of make up to make us look fresh and charming. I ever try one cosmetic (local cosmetic actually from Indonesia). This make up is simple and also this skin care can use for two functions. It can be facial cleanser and also mask. It so awesome right, one tube can get two benefits for the face. Even it is the local brand, but it so powerful to cleaning our face. This cosmetic called Viva Cleanser Face for all in one.

The name, Cleanser Mask, where this cosmetic can be used as a mask and facial washing soap. This time, I want to discuss the pink variant. The reason, I used the pink Cleaner Mask. This cosmetic can be used for all skin types. In this compact package it says, "Viva White Clean & Mask Refresher for All Skin Types." This product contains Aloe Vera Extract which can treat skin moisture and Yogurt Extract which makes the skin look brighter.

mask and foam face Viva

In addition, Viva White Clean & refresher mask for All Skin Types is also enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 which can maintain skin moisture. This is safe formulation for the skin, because it is pH Balanced and most importantly, does not contain soap ingredients. So that it can minimize the risk of skin irritation. Clean Mask packs this shape with a flip top the lid. So it is not easy to open and leak. This package gives a large and small tube hole. So it is very easy to control the release of this cream clean mask from Viva Cosmetics. Most importantly, the Viva Clean mask packaging is safe because bacteria will be difficult to enter. Convex shape and shrink down. Not too high. So that it can be put into a bag or backpack. Moreover, the packaging of face masks and soap is 50 grams in size.

Well enough I discussed the packaging. Certainly, I was curious about how to use this one Viva Cleaner Mask cosmetic. Because this cosmetic can be used for masks and facial soap, so how to use it is different. Because, depending on the function you want to use as what. Cosmetics for skin care that I talked about. There has several variants cleansers Viva. I used Viva for all type skin. The type of facial cleanser from Viva is nice to use.

The first I discussed about the Viva Cleaner Mask as a Face Cleaner first yes. The method is very easy to do. You just have to remove Viva White Clean & Refresher Mask for All Skin Types sufficiently on the palm of your hand. Give a little water. Then rub on the face. When doing that, it's good to massaging face slowly. Then, clean with water until clean. It can be used every day for foam face.

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Let’s talk about the mask. I bet you are already wonder, How to use this Clean Mask as a mask. It’s so easy. The first, of course, take a cream clean mask and then flatten it on the face. Just like a mask in general to avoid the eyes and lips. After the cream is applied throughout the face. Leave it for 3-5 minutes. Then you can clean with clean water until it's clean. To use Viva White Clean & Refresher Mask For All Skin Types as a mask, you just need twice a day in a week.

I know it easy to use it, so you want to use it every day for the mask. Don't do that! I like to apply the Viva White Clean & Refresher Mask For All Skin Types as a mask using a brush. Make it more practical and not dirty hands. I like thick to love. You see, after cleansing your face from this cream feels really soft and fresh skin on my face.

I only regret the texture of the Viva White Clean & Refreshing Mask for All Skin Types is creamy and very thick. So it is difficult to blending to the face, when used as a mask. Even so, I like this product, because the price is really affordable in my pocket. Plus, the results after using the Clean Mask from Viva feels so smooth. However, do not imagine the cold sensation when applied to the face huh. Clean Mask Cosmetics does not give a cold sensation to the skin. However, the end result that makes you want to continue to hold your facial skin. Because very smooth taste.

How to buy this one Viva Clean Mask cosmetic product? Easy way via online, you can buy it at http://bit. You don't need to tire around the cosmetics store to find Clean Mask products from Viva. Plus, you help me to get a dime. So, shopping helps a good friend, right?

To be honest, I had only used Clean Mask from Viva a few times. You see, I like it and it depend on the mood to do facial treatments. Don't be like me. Because, it is not good, as a woman or a man. You must take care of your face. Do not get a young age is considered old. Moreover, she/he thought he/she was getting old. The good is when you are already old but people think you considered young. Well, one of the mandatory treatments is the mask.

You don't have to go to the salon for facial treatments. This Viva Clean Mask really makes it easier for me to treat my face. As lazy woman, at least once a week I must mask. However, this mask, which costs 16,500 IDR can be used many times. Good for face soap and also masks. Why not! Saving is okay, but spoils yourself is also important. BEAUTIFUL begins with clean and sleek plus soft skin on our faces.

viva kosmetik

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