Start Day with Ginger Root Drink and Get Benefit This time our world is not safety because of the issue coronavirus (Covid-19). Almost every country get trouble and I wish and pray, these cases will be gets down and everything become normal. Do you know the weather in the Tanjungpinang city is very bad; because the weather is very hot and now rain already a few days. Mom is complain about her flowers every day get watering three time and still die because it can “burn.” Quotes of the day, “Don’t get panic about any issue in social media. You just focus to care yourself. Social media sometimes make you stress and stress is not good for health. Better focus on goal without any worry about it; that is better than sick and panic.” – Citra Pandiangan.

Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Start Day with Ginger Root Drink and Get Benefit.” Honey, honestly I love to drink ginger drink and I just love the taste the ginger root in my mount. I do not realize this ginger drink that I drink every day has a lot of benefit for health. That is why I want to share you about how I am making this ginger drink as Miss Lazy in the kitchen and also tell you about the benefits of ginger drink for your health. So, keep reading please and do not forget to share it. Perhaps, you already help everybody who never know about the ginger drink.

Let’s talking about benefits of ginger drink for our health; before getting the recipe how to make this drink with the simple way.  

Do you like traveling? When traveling sometimes you feel unwell and you get sick when traveling with the boat. No worry, if you like drink ginger tea. You will not get the problem again. Before going out, take a cup of ginger root drink, because it will help you to reduce of nausea. That is normal if you feel sea sickness while using boat. Sometimes, I also feel the same. That is why I love to drink a cup of ginger drink, before traveling by sea and air.

Special for women who always get trouble when period, you should drink ginger ale or fresh ginger drink to make you get less menstrual cramp pain. Honestly, I also feel the same as you. I know it, how is the pain made you feel uncomfortable. After drinking a hot cup ginger drink every day. The process is not instant or faster, but I feel good and it reduce the pain in my stomach. I know many benefits for you and I drink ginger tea every day, but I will not explain a hundred reasons you should drink this. This time, I just wanna share how I make my fresh ginger drink with the root ginger.

The first you just need the simple ingredient as:
A fresh ginger root
Sugar or Palm Sugar

Do you know, make ginger drink will not waste your time; if you know how to make it simple. First you should peel the skin of the ginger. Honestly, the first time I did this. I got trouble, because that is so much difficult. I can’t peel the skin without the meat get out. So, I have trick know. I am using spoon to peel the skin of ginger. This is much better then knife. This trick also must faster to clean it than knife. You can try it.

After peeling the skin of ginger, let’s wash the ginger and cut it became small slices. Now, time for you to boil the water, after the water boils in the pan; you can put the slices ginger inside the pan. Keep it for 5 minutes.  Then turn off the stove and leave it for about ten minutes, before you drink it. The reason is, the essence of the fresh ginger root will come out more and you will feel the spicy sensation of ginger drink that makes you feel warm. By the way, before drinking it you can add some honey or sugar. Remember do not put a lot of sugar because it will not good for your health.

I wish simple recipe from miss lazy this time will make you get better and fun time. Do not forget try to drink ginger drink every morning time and feel the benefits in your live and health. Have good day.

Happy Story start from You

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