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Storycitra.com- Covid-19 made some people stay at home, including me. Many plans are gone but I am still feels happy because of health. That is more important than anything. I feel so happy and I am trying to do something nice to keep alive as cooking. Do you know me so well, I am absolutely lazy in the kitchen but I am so love to eat delicious food. Quotes of this day, “The chief pleasure in eating does not consist in costly seasoning, or exquisite flavor, but in yourself.” – Horace.

how to cook spaghetti easy recipe spaghetti

Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you about how to make spaghetti. I know you do not believe it I can make delicious spaghetti only 45 minutes and just 3 ingredients. This is really nice to cook spaghetti with spaghetti easy recipe; You and I can make it and enjoy every meal we cooked.

 I know most spaghetti from Italy and there is the famous recipe delicious sauce of spaghetti. I just know the simple things to cook and buy instant sauce from the La Fonte. I choose Spaghetti Bolognese, the price around 21,000 IDR shop near my place. This sauce is easy to use because it is like instant noodles you buy. 

Kind of Spaghetti
Life has many variants, including food. I just realize many variants or kind of spaghetti. Which one do you like kind of spaghetti? I just know 3 kind of spaghetti, they are:

1. Spaghetti
This is normal spaghetti and the most of people love to cook. This variant spaghetti is also well-known as pasta. This shape is thin, and round noodle that pairs wonderfully with a multitude of flavors.

2. Macaroni
I love this one and it also kid favorite pasta. The tube-shape of macaroni pasta is perfect for cream sauces.

3.  Fusilli
Fusilli shape is spiral. This pasta is simple to cook with creamy cheese.

I just know these variants of spaghetti and actually a lot of variants such as Fettuccine, Capellini, and Farfalle. Whatever kind of spaghetti; I just like to cook simple spaghetti. So, do you wonder how is my lazy in the kitchen can make simple recipe of spaghetti and also delicious. Let’s watched this video how to cook spaghetti style of miss lazy in the kitchen.

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Recipe Spaghetti Beef Only 45 Minutes Cook


1 pack dry spaghetti
400 ml water to boil the spaghetti
1 pack sauce Bolognese instant
1 can beef cornet
Onion and garlic
Powder pepper

How to cook:

The first boil the water. Then put the spaghetti to the pot and stir it around 25 minutes. Try to find it if the noodles of spaghetti already cooked. Then defecate in a pan, drain spaghetti. This is time to cutting some ingredients as shallots, garlic and onions in the form of dice.

Fry the ingredients that have been sliced ​​into a hot pan that has been given cooking oil. Then put the cornet meat until brownish. Then lift and set aside. Continue step by giving cooking oil to the pan, add the spaghetti instant seasoning that had been purchased.


Cook until fragrant and reddish. Then add the spaghetti that has been drained. Previously, don't forget to sprinkle pepper powder over spaghetti noodles. Fry until all the seasoning is mixed. Then don't forget to put the cornet meat in the pan; cook until the aroma fills the room.

Now, it's time to serve spaghetti on a plate. I love make simple style, first at all take spaghetti use the fork. Then put to the plate, add some beef cornet. The most I lovely do sparking with the powder chili in the plate of spaghetti. So, the spaghetti ready to eat.

Mmm, I need around 45 minutes to cook and serve this food and I just need 10 minutes to complete them inside my belly. So, it need longer time to cook and faster time to eat haha. Anyway, I really love to eat this dish. The texture the spaghetti easy cook even I got difficult to cook while use small pan but everything already under control.

This spaghetti can serve for 3 people with the small portion as Asian portion if Western I think it is enough for one or two people. So, do you really want to try cooked this spaghetti without longer time in the kitchen. How much the money I spend for make this food.

Budged Spaghetti Miss Lazy in The Kitchen that easy recipe to cook spaghetti

1 pack spaghetti around 10,000 IDR
1 pack beef cornet around 26,000 IDR
1 pack sauce Bolognese 24,000 IDR
Other ingredients around 7,000 IDR

So totally 67,000 IDR I already get delicious spaghetti; when I buy in the Italian Restaurant one portion more than 100,000 IDR. So, this price is good to make spaghetti at home with recipe style miss lazy in the kitchen and get tasty spaghetti, why not!

Do you want to try cook easy recipe spaghetti miss lazy in the kitchen style? If you say YES and try to make it, I need your honest opinion what do you think? Do you have other simple recipe spaghetti to share? I would love to cook them too one day.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. I just cooked spaghetti this evening for iftar. My kids like this. I used same ingredients but i cooked the sauce separately than poured it on the noodle

  2. Selama pandemi aku nyetok pasta & kornet banyak banget. Pasta karena anak2 suka & mereka suka masakin. Kalau kornet buat masak darurat kalau aku males. Ternyata bisa dikolaborasikan ya. Ntar kalau anakku masak tak suruhnya nyoba ini.

  3. thank u resepnya. Ini fav aku dan keluarga juga saat bingung mau makan apa, hihihi

  4. 3 bahan ini mudah didapat di minimarket. Bikinnya pun praktis banget. Jadi bisa buat menu makan sahur

  5. salah satu menu fav anak dan suamiku, nyaris setiap minggu saya bikin karena mereka doyan banget hahahaa selain bolognese bisa juga creamy mushroom mbak :) biar nggak bosen

  6. waaaah, udah lama nggak bikin spaghety sendiri, ku jadi pengen bikin juga deh jadinya hihihi,

  7. wahh baru tau kalau bisa masak spagheti ini pake kornet.. biasanya beli daging giling dulu di supermarket klo gak berarti dituna dehh, kalau kornet kan bisa beli di supermarket sekitar rumah yahh...

  8. Happy read this recipe, because same with me,lazy in the kitchen LOL. I'll try cooking with bolognese next

  9. Resep spagetinya simple banget. Bahannya juga mudah di dapat. Jadi mau coba juga deh buat menu buka puasa heeheh

  10. spaghetti dan macaroni favorit aku dan suami mbak, di rumah juga suami seeing masakin soalnya dia lebih kreatif kalo ngolah makanan yang satu ini 😁

  11. Spaghetti ini menu kesukaan...
    Bener juga yaa...daripada beli mahal, kalau masak sendiri, bisa dimakan berkali-kali dengan harga yang terjangkau, under 100K.

  12. Ada 1 lagi bahan masakan spagheti yang biasanya dimasukkan ke campuran saus ini mba. Daun yang kayak kemangi tuh lhooo...duh saya lupa namanya. Aromanya bikin saus spaghetinya berasa bold gitu. Mantep.

  13. I haven't eaten spaghetti since January 😁 O think I'll just buy a box of instant spaghetti since I'm the only one at house who like this food

  14. Spaghetti La Fonte juga jadi andalanku tiap buat spaghetti untuk keluarga. Gampil surampil! Anakku pun doyan banget. Ya hemat dong daripada beli di toko sebelah. Hahaha


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