Simple Recipe Fried Banana Only 3 Ingredients

recipe fried banana Can you be an honest with yourself? I bet you can’t be honest to yourself. That is why you always try to hiding your darkness side. Sometimes as a woman in Asia, most people judge woman who can not cook. They will say something bad about that; a woman should know about kitchen and something about food. Honestly, I love to eat and hunting culinary but I can’t cook and I do not care about what people think about me. Quotes of the day, “Don’t think about what people think! Do whatever you love to do. I love to cook simple food without struggle in the kitchen.” – Citra Pandiangan.

 recipe fried bananaToday, Citra Pandiangan wants to talk about “How to cook banana fried with the simple recipe and only use three ingredients.” Perhaps, some of you don’t about this snack. Banana in fried how is the taste. The taste is so yummy and crispy outside and soft inside. Pisang goreng in Bahasa (Fried Banana) is snack made banana, flour and egg. It’s cooking with the hot cooking oil. This snack also familiar in Malaysia, Brunei Darusalam, and Singapore.

Simple Recipe Fried Banana

 Pisang goreng (Fried Banana) most sold in the street vendor; but no worry if you are mr/ madam/ miss perfectionist cleaner you can eat in some restaurant some of them offer fried banana as dessert. This so nice to eat fried banana when it is still hot. Actually, because of covid-19 I am afraid to eat on street vendor. So, I am trying to make simple recipe without flour and egg. Honestly, I am miss lazy in the kitchen. That is why I am trying hard to make something simple and easy. So here is my simple recipe and only 3 ingredients. The most important I do not need longer time to cooking my favorite snack while raining. Are you ready to find out fried banana style miss lazy in the kitchen?


Simple Recipe Fried Banana Style Miss Lazy find out on Youtube Channel

(*Soon, I will try to make in English version, this video on Citrapandiangan channel still in Bahasa)

Recipe Fried Banana Only 25 Minutes Cook


Simple Recipe Fried Banana
1 pack of dumpling skin

3 Bananas

100 gram mozzarella cheese

Water to glue the dumpling skin or the spring roll skin.

How to cook Fried Banana:

Simple Recipe Fried Banana

The first cut the banana become four slices (but the slices banana depend on your style. If you love full banana, you can cut become two slices or without cut it also no problem). Then continue with cutting the cheese mozzarella become long or depend on your taste; you can put big mozzarella cheese or a little long cut slice.


Let’s making fried banana, take the dumpling skin put on the place; fill with slice banana dan mozzarella cheese. Then roll the dumpling skin; you can roll it strait or you can make style three angle to cover the fill of it (banana and cheese). Do not forget to make the dumpling skin glue. Use the little water in the end of the side. Do it until all banana already hiding in the dumpling skin.

 Simple Recipe Fried Banana

This is time to cooking, heat the cooking oil in the pan. Then put the banana that already cover dumpling. Then cook them till the color change to be brown. Remove the fried banana from pan, drain and serve it. Before serving it, I love to sprinkle cocoa powder. So, the fried banana snack ready to serve. Enjoy your snack! This recipe is simple right!

 Simple Recipe Fried Banana

 I love to make this snack without struggle in the kitchen for longer time. Eat this while read a book or just tea time; so absolutely perfect! When you try my style recipe of fried banana would you give me feedback? See you another post! Don’t forget to find another recipe I made on blog.

 Simple Recipe Fried Banana

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