How to Explore Waterfall Bintan Mountain

waterfall bintan mountain Bintan expensive to visit? I think some people will wonder about this island. Actually, Bintan island is not so damn expensive place. It’s depend on where area do you stay. This place will bring you, the new spirit about explore the nature and culture. Quotes of the day, “You never know something good or not; if you never try to explore that place.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I want to tell you something about, “How to explore waterfall Bintan Mountain.” Are you ready to know more about this place? I bet, you will love to read this article and I hope this information about Bintan island will so useful. Bintan island located close to Batam (Indonesia), Singapore and also Malaysia.


Do you need visa to visit Bintan? Depend on your citizen! If you are Malaysian or Singapore, Thailand; you do not need visa to visit Bintan. You can freedom explore this island! How do you go to this place? Actually to visit this place is very easy! You just need ferry or boat. This island has some ports or piers as Sri Bintan Pura in Tanjungpinang city, BRC in Lagoon (Lagoi) area and Tanjunguban. So, which one do you like to visit Bintan island? It’s depend on your destination hotel do you booked.

Mostly Singapore and Malaysia will love use BRC pier di Lagoon area; because they stay in that place. This place a lot of high hotels and resorts; this is some people think Bintan is expensive. Actually if you are trying to stay in Trikora area or Tanjungpinang city; of course the price is not so damn high for one night stay in hotel or resort.


What to do in Bintan island?

 Do you have any question in your mind about what to do in Bintan? Actually, I can say you can do many things in here; if you love to explore the nature, culture and also culinary such as sea food. Wow, this food so yummy with many variants taste will make your tongue dancing with the taste of herb or ingredients food.


 Let’s me give you simple idea to explore Bintan!

  1. Beaches
  2. Mountain
  3. Mangrove forests
  4. Instagram spots photo
  5. Extreme sport
  6. Relaxing on SPA
  7. Hunting Culinary
  8. Find Temples, and many things to do.


This time, I just talk about one spot in Bintan! Its called Bintan mountain; if you love to explore tracking in the judge and find waterfall in mountain. This place is perfect to do! Before going to explore Bintan mountain; this little information you should now.


Mountain of Bintan located in Bekapur, Bintan Buyu Village and do not imagine high mountain like in Java! That si not true because this mountain looks like high hill; based on data this mountain high is around 400m above the sea level. In fact this mountain is the high mountain in this island. Normal speed to tracking this place, you just need spend time around 2 hours to getting reach in the top of hill.


So, honestly this is what do you get when tracking in the mountain Bintan! You will find the charming beauty of natural scenery. Of course, you are already in the top of hill oops I mean mountain; so beautiful view from the top always wonderful! Am I right? You also can find some flora and fauna. You will see tropical plants and giant trees.


After finishing tracking in this mountain; fresh yourself on the Bintan waterfall mountain!  Don’t expected like in America or other place of waterfall. You will be disappointed, because I feel the same when visit this place hahaha.  The waterfall is not so big and high enough, including the water quantity is not so strong. At least, you still can enjoy clean yourself there!

How to get to Bintan Mountain?

When you are arrive in Bintan; travelling about 55 miles to Mt Bintan can be reached by taxi or rental car. This place is in the middle of island. No worry, the way to go there already smooth for the road with asphalt road. The sign of to go there also easy to look; this place has sign in the main street. You just need follow direction. The location is not so far from main street. Then, you will look the gate of this waterfall Bintan mountain.


You should pay for ticket to visit waterfall and how if you are interested to tracking. You need local guide. No worry, in this area always stand by the man who will help you show to get top of the mountain. Are you interested to tracking in this mountain and get fresh in waterfall of Bintan mountain?   


This tips for you based on my experience while visit this waterfall. Sorry, I am still no energy to tracking. Perhaps as soon as possible; what do you need before tracking to Bintan mountain?

  • Used of the comfortable thirst and pants.
  • Bring spray of insect
  • Hat and sunglass
  • New thirst for change if you want to get wet in waterfall


Then have fun in this mountain. I bet if you love to explore the “jungle” this is the perfect to enjoy the view of Bintan from the top hill.


Happy Story start from You

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