Do you Need Reason to Be Happy?


Do you Need Reason to Be Happy? Sometimes I think I need a reason to be happy. Can you imagine happy without a reason. When I am thinking about why when I was kid, it’s so easy to be happy. I compare with a kid, when I give a little chocolate, kid already happy. How about you? Do you need a reason to be happy? Sometimes I am asking this question to myself, do I need a reason to feel happy. Quotes of the day, “Happiness is something you can create it, if you love yourself and trying to find your own happiness in small things.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “DO you need a reason to be happy?” Honestly, long time ago I think I need reason to be happy as good career, travel to some places and I will be happiness person.  Actually happiness is something universal feeling such as angry, sadness. Even like that, some people told me being happy is indeed and also a choice.   

So, do you want to be happy and you need some reasons why you should get feeling happiness right now?  Let’s me tell you.


Your Family, Friends love you and it’s depend on you

May I ask silly question? Who are the most important people in your life? Its sound classic, you are right but this is the right place to start find happiness; IF you are looking one reason to be happy. No matter how bad life you get it, there will always be someone who loves you unconditionally. No one think your family, your lover want to see you unhappy? No matter hard your life and day, but when you back home; your family always wait you and cheers your up. Don’t think your loved wants to see you unhappy! Because that is never right mind, they want you to be happy! Honestly, it depends on you! Would you open your mind and choose happiness with the people who love you without any term and cons.


The Moment your life can change dramatically

Can you prediction the weather and correct? It’s same like your life, you never unpredictable. Can you imagine when you wake up tomorrow and you get lost your job, or someone you love. The point from this statement is you never know about it. So, the important think do not wait to be happy. So, let’s be happy TODAY and enjoy every moment you have it.


 This is not hard to do! Everyone knows drama can be so dramatically. Perhaps that story sometimes based on true story and the experience of the writer. We never know and notice, but the perfect point is right; what should we are waiting to be happiness in our life!


The Happy people are more productive

Honestly, lately I do not have any idea to write because I do not feel happy with the trouble life because covid-19. I realize I can’t concentrate to work or find idea to writing. Because I feel so unhappy; then I change my mind. The reason is simple, People who are optimistic and happy, always productive because they always feel so happy in their life.  So, I want to productive, I need to find happiness so I can work good and be so creative in alive.


 You’re alive

I know life is not easy but no matter is hard in your life. No matter how sick you are; tired about everything, sadness and unhappy person. The most important for you to remember; you should feel grateful because in fact you are still alive. Find simple think to be happy even when you feel bad.


Can I tell you something; covid-19 is making my life is worse. My sister has to stop working because the company can’t productive anymore; the tourism closes. So what she will do in the tourism area! Nothing, that is why many people lost a job, they will back when the condition already productive. How about me? I just started my own business about service photo products but corona make the economic in Indonesia became down. I do not have project to taking photos. Even I give free promotion for small business but none of them interest; because economic so hard. Can you imagine; how is my feeling? Absolutely right, I am feeling sad but it so get trouble my life and day.


Then I decided to be happy whatever dramatically life is coming to my day and life. I believe it will be back normal and I do not need sad when trouble comes to my life. Let’s be happy with people who love you and support you whatever your condition right now!


Happy Story start from You

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