20 Things You and I Can Do to get Happy and Healthy Life

20 things to be happy and health

- Nobody is perfect but you do not be perfect to get happy and healthy life. You just need something to make your daily life is better than before. Quotes of the day, “Your life is your happiness, your mind will build your happiness.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I want to tell you story about “20 Things you and I can do to get Happy and Health Life.” Time is fly and it’s hard to stop and realize what you already lose it. Actually I feel the same, if you feel like that. This is already 2021 and also second month in this year. Do you have question to yourself, why time is fly so faster and you still do slow, including to make yourself happiness.


Who is making list what you should do in this year? I did and sometimes this making me feel like sorry but not sorry, exactly what I mean in “sorry” if I don’t make it real hahaha. That is trouble and I do realize I am not the only one in this position. So, what should get better life and happiness in this year? Rather than making thousands of lists in 2021.


 I will make simple words and list to make you understand about this! Usually when 2020 finished we always say sorry because we can’t make goal in our list, am I right? So let’s making the new steps to make our life are happier and healthy.


1. Don’t say I am sorry

Most people can’t be enjoy the new year because they felt guilty because they can’t make their list goal became real. Actually why you don’t say Thanks then I am sorry. Thank you because you already passed the year and still health. Don’t think too much about the list goal. Don’t think about the new list, just said thank you and get more time to enjoy this year.


2. Clean The Bed Every Morning

Perhaps, we should slept late and make up rush without have time to clean the bed. Why we make new style life with the small step. Sleep early and wake up early to clean the bed and then do activities as exercise before going to work or college.


3. Don’t Spent too much time in Social Media

Perhaps we don’t notice in 2020 we spend more hours in social media as Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Line or Twitter. When you open social media and look some account that is making you get inspired, actually better unfollow that account and find the account that make you feel inspired to get new spirit in alive. Let’s negative feeling stay in behind line!


4. Find Application Meditation

Everyone know many application in smartphone for a meditation. Let’s find one good meditation application to make you feel relax. That’s better to get relaxing when do step of meditation or just hearing healing music to get calm down for a while before or after working.


5. Buy yourself flowers

Since 2020 the plants are famous, why you don’t buy one for yourself the plants of flowers to make you feel fun when look it grow up.


6. Start a Cooking

Perhaps you do not like spend time in kitchen, its sound like me actually hahaha. Why you do not start it and make something simple recipe. You can find it in channel youtube Citra Pandiangan as below this video, you will enjoy time while cooking and get reward to eat food you cook it!


7. Go Walks more than before

Maybe on 2020 you spent more time to scroll social media, this year why you don’t spend more time to walks then before. Actually, that is better rather sit or lay down scroll social media. When you do more walking you get good reward as get healthy.


8. Go to bed early and do not worry about alarm.

Honestly in 2020 I always sleep late and wake up with body sore and more tired. That’s true I do not notice time fly when I scroll social media. So this year I am trying to go bed early 5 minutes, and I wake up before my alarm waking me up. I wake up with the body and mind fresh. Yes, that is magic I need this year, wake up and feel fresh to continue the day.


9. Become a morning workout person

Honestly start new thing is hard to do in the first. I remember the first time when I asked my sister to wake up me early to do workout as jogging in morning time. I felt so grumpy in the first time, after doing it two or three times. I enjoy it to wake up early and do exercises in morning time. It’s making me health.


10. Making relationship with food

Perhaps you wonder what I am talking about this one! Actually I am so selective to eat food and also always criticism food. So this year I am trying to health healthy food with full color as a soup with orange color from carrot, white from cabbage, green from beans. That is such as example.


11. Read a book that’s good for your health

That is right read book is good for health than look on smartphone, it make hurt eyes if doing it longer time. So, I am so happy to go to book store and find new book to read. I also make a list one month for one book to finish it.


12. Sign up for online courses

I know this time still covid 19 and I do not know when this case will end from this earth. Honestly, I do something nice to sign up online courses to upgrade my skill. That is so nice to do and meet new people in virtual time.


13. Plants Your Vegetable

Honestly I find the positive in this covid-19, actually I do not have time to do something different because I am always busy. So last year I am starting new thing such as plants my vegetable. Honestly that is the first time I am trying to grow up my herb as mint leafs. That’s so awesome when I am making my own tea with that mint I grew up. I feel so happy about it.


14. While watching TV, stretching your body

 Healthy is number one! Why do not you do stretching your body while watching your favorite show in the television, that’s nice to do it, get your show and reward body become health.


15. Text compliments to Friends

It doesn't hurt to praise friends. Give praise and it doesn't hurt them and it give them the new energy to go through the day. You also get better feeling when do it.


16. Turn on a playlist Music

Do you know when turn on a playlist your favorite music it will make you feel happier then you do something without music! If you do not believe me, do it right now and feel the different!


17. Writing Daily Journal

That is not bad make daily journal before and after the day. It will make you remember the day pass and it also will remind you good thing. Example, if you are not person to drink a lot water and always forget to drink while work! Making and writing about it in journal to make you in schedule to drink water as daily activities.


18. Drink Water More

Do you like to drink water? Drink water more and find the healthy life and mind. Drink is good for health. Drink water without color and taste, its so awesome.


19. Pray before Working

Perhaps you are forget about this in every years, why you do not try it! You just need 1-5 minutes to pray before working and find the spiritual and spirit to do your job without grumpy.


20. Bare feet in the beach

Usually you go to beach just to relaxing and why you do not try to bare feet in the beach, walking in the sea and waves will make your feet more wet and dirty. That is fun to do it and get awesome reward, healthy and happiness.


I hope this articles will make you get better life happy and healthy. If you are agree, would you share it to your beloved friends or social media so your friends will get the happiness andhealth too. Which one you love to do? Let’s comment in here.


Happy Story start from You

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