Do You Believe, Music Can make you Happy?

Do You Believe, Music Can make you Happy? Some people said don’t read news about corona or COVID-19; because it will be make you more stressed. Then ever you think about it! Some people said used your time with careful and wise, because your happiness start with your happy mind. Quotes of the day. “The magic of music, it can make you feel better and worse. Depend on your mood when you hear the music.” - Citra Pandiangan.

Hello, how are you? Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Do you believe, music can make you happy?Let’s me ask you one question, before writing about this topic. The simple question is, “do you like to hear music ?”

Do you like to hear music? Everyone love to hear music; Music is very good to our life and it depend on your feeling. Why I say like that. Can you imagine, when you feel so sad and you heard the sadness song with the slow instrument. I bet your feeling more blue then before you are hearing the music. So, if you're sad and you're hearing the happy music. I can imagine your sadness become good. Can I said, the music has power took control of your feeling. That is why some people love to collection the music.

Long. . . long time ago, I also love to collection music with many collection of that, for example rock and roll, instrument of the piano. That's why, I always play that music depend on my mood. So, I can't say I believe 50% that music can make us happy. I guess some of you don’t believe it about this. Let’s me tell you benefits hear the music.

The first, let’s me say Music makes you happier. This is the way to work about music and happiness. Your brain has a happy hormone, when you are listening the music. So, when you heard the happy song, the hormone on your body become HAPPY. Let’s prove it!

Do you ever work and hear the slow or romantic music? Then you are feeling like fly and you can’t control your feeling and dreaming. When, you are hearing music with the tune of melody faster and spirit. You can finish your work faster then slow music. I can say the music can improve our ability to get motivation to finish, what we do.

Music also can lowers our stress, and music will improves our health. So, listening to music can less our stress hormone, cortisol. That’s mean, our immune systems were boosted when they actively participated in making music by playing various percussion instruments and singing.

So, when you feel damn stress, let’s sing a song. It will be make you feel better. How if you can sleep well in the night? Music also can help you to get better sleep. Some of study learn about that. Man who listened music before bedtime, and listed classical music around 35 minutes, man slept better than those who slept with an audio book or listened to nothing at all.

Music also can make you get remind good memories. When you are listening old music and I can imagine your smiling frame in your beautiful or handsome face. So, do you believe music can make you happiness?

That is depend on the music you play. Can you imagine, when you get headache and you listen the hard rock music, I bet you get more trouble with your headache. So, when you get headache, better your listen the slow or classic music. So, you can get relax and the headache will gone soon or late. What do you think about my opinion in this article? If you think my article help you to reduce your sadness and be happy while you are hearing the music. Let’s share this article to make some your friend be happy too.


Happy Story start from You

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