The Ritual at Night to get Success


The Ritual at Night to get Success Do not compare your life with others! That will make you get into trouble. Everybody has different life and decision. Make your own more precious in the right way. Quotes of the day, “If you are bored with left- you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things. You do not have enough goals.” –Lou Holtz.


Today, I want to tell you a story about “The Ritual at Night to get Success.” As you know, this blog storycitra is always updating three times in a week; but for almost two years it has never been a regular update. I do have a goal but it is just on the list I was writing every morning, but it is never in action. So, I am trying to find out what happened to me.


Then I realize my night routine makes it a mess. I told to myself, that I just scroll on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook only for an hour before sleeping. In fact, it made me wake up till midnight; then it was so difficult to get sleep. So, my morning time was so lazy and tired. Finally, I find the formula to make great my night routine to get my goals to become real.


Better Switch off your smartphone during sleeping time

Let’s make a great decision about what time you should sleep. This time I am trying to sleep around 10.00 pm so I can make up early morning to write. So, at 09.00 pm I will switch off my smartphone. The research result that the blue light from smartphone screens suppress the body’s natural nighttime release of melatonin. That is mean our devices are tricking our brains into thinking it’s still the middle of the day. So, better switch it off an hour before sleeping time. Your insomnia will be gone soon.


Do little exercises before sleeping

Your body needs to relax before getting to bed. Let’s make simple exercises like yoga. I just know, that yoga also can do at the night. Yoga has many variants, one of them is to make your body relax to get sleep well at the night. You can search it on google to get what is better yoga for your daily night to sleep.


Writing list in the night

This is better to write your plan at in the night than morning time.  So, start this night and make a plan for tomorrow. These are good ways to make your night routine. You can make a plan and also review what you do today and for tomorrow.  That is how many successful people do their routine at night to get success. Evaluate at night while making plans for tomorrow. You get double goals without spending too much time.


I do this and now, I realize how much time I waste my time doing something unimportant. Making an evaluation is a good way to make a good goal for tomorrow. Many people said, do it today, like tomorrow there is no time to do it. That is right for this time. So, I can make a priority in my list to-do list for today and tomorrow. What do you think? These are just a few steps to make you get the goal in your life. The most important sleep tight or well in the night to get positive energy to pass the day. If you think this article is useful, would you share on your social media to get some people can get a better life in their life?



Happy Story start from You

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