Is Worth it to visit Gurun Pasir Busung Bintan?

Is Worth it to visit Gurun Pasir Busung Bintan? Never stop your way to exploring something new. Travel always brings you happiness body and soul. Quotes of the day, “You worth it to enjoy life. Life is so short and difficult but you can find a way to be happy.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I want to tell you “Is worth it to visit Gunung Pasir Busung on Bintan Island?” Do you know Bintan? Bintan is one part of the Riau Islands, Indonesia. Located close to Singapore and Malaysia. Bintan Island is famous for the beach and nature, although it can’t be compared with Bali. When you visit Bintan, you will enjoy something different than Bali; as long as you are not expecting a party, because a party in Bintan is only a few parts. If you like adventure and nice nature, Bintan always is a nice place to explore.


This is located at Jl. Raya Busung, Busung, Kec. Seri Kuala Lobam, Kabupaten Bintan. This spot is still a hidden gem. No worry, you still can find a way to get here. This place is not so far from the main street.   

When you have arrived, you will see the white sand. The sand dunes from the sand mountain. You didn’t only see the sands but also some lakes filled with blue water. This view is like an oasis in the desert. You will enjoy exploring and taking some photos.


 Can you imagine, the sands brown and yellow color and some part also has red, make this place is so beautiful.  That is why this place is the best Instagram-able spot for photos.  


Tiring after exploring this place, no worry; this place has some waroeng or small stands where you can enjoy local cuisine while your eyes look beautiful view here. I think this place is worth it to visit to get a little exploration in Bintan Island. What do you think? After this place (Gurun Pasir Bintan), where do you want to explore?   

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