Should I Love Myself

Should I Love Myself Dare yourself to love yourself! Lately, I am reading about some people that can’t love themselves. I don’t know why, how is difficult to love yourself. Life is never easy, but to love yourself, is complicated?  Quotes of the day, “You know what you should do about your life, including loving yourself from the bottom of your heart.” – Citra Pandiangan.


 Today, I want to tell you the story about “Should I love myself?” Do you think loving yourself is difficult to do!  My life is not perfect, can you imagine how struggling I am to keep alive in 3 years lately. The economy in my family is complicated, corona makes some people lose their job. I got problems with the projects. When I looked at my friends, they are happy with their life and career. They are successful and also beautiful if I compared myself with them, my body becomes grain weight, my skin is darker, I feel so stressed with myself and my life.


Stress makes my hair fall out. My body feels powerless. I just want to be lazy, and do nothing. Because I think my life no longer has meaning. So, why do I have to fight about it? Then, I realize. I AM WRONG! So, I decided to change my mindset to settle new goal. That is the GOAL to love me.


I know, I don’t blame you all who have to struggle with their life. Because I ever in that position too. I am lucky, I never had thought of killing myself or ending my life. If I am thinking about celebrities that kill themselves because of depression. Can you guess what I am thinking? They are successful and beautiful, and how they don’t love themselves. They have a good career, but they still do not love their life?


Then I find my formula to keep alive and try to be happy and love myself. Do you want to know my secret? I never ever compare myself to others! I know this time, it is easy to get competitive with friends or someone else. It’s easy to “spy” some people love that is making us compering to our lives. So, I STOP it! I stop comparing myself to someone else because they have a beautiful life. Better, I am focused on myself, how I should give my energy to think about my goal; then spend time comparing myself to other people.


 Since I was a kid, I know the word, NOBODY PERFECT. That is why some people make mistakes, including me. The problem is I know I have a lot of mistakes or wrong decisions in my life, and I regret all the wrong decisions. However, I'm tired of always having someone remind me of the mistakes I've made. For me, close the book. However, past experiences are like shadows that always follow me. What should I do now?


I don’t care what people think or say about ME. I love to make mistakes, again and again, to make my life get experience. So, I will learn and grow from that; because we never know about the FUTURE. I am not a “GOD” who always get good decisions alive. I am just an ordinary woman that is trying to survive and be happy.


Because of that, I let toxic people go away from me. I won’t try to hear and listen to what they said about my life. That is making me stronger and wake up from the weakness, and hopelessness in my life. I am not afraid to start my life from begging, long time ago, I am afraid to fix my life because of toxic people. The words are killing me silent day by day. It is making me weak and has no idea what to do in alive.


Should I love myself? Absolutely, YES. I should love myself and I never give toxic people to make my beautiful life became worse because of their words. So, what do you do to love yourself?


Happy Story start from You

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