Happy BirthDay Anton

StoryCitra.com- Hello finally I bought this url www.storycitra.com with the nice price for url around 120.000 IDR if in dollar around $10.3. I do not know why I wanna bought this url. Since my kids (read: blogs) in a few weeks I was not care of them. Because I was so damn busy with some research and also something work I should done.

So here I am! Today, I decided to buy this domain storycitra and as a name of url story citra, this content will about my stories, my opinion, my journey and also my journal online, including some poetry which different. So, for the first content on my special article. I wanna say “Happy Birthday to My friends, Anton.”

Hello Anton....

I just wanna say happy birthday for you and I wish the best to your life there in somewhere country I wanna visit it one day. Before knowing you, I really wanna visit that because that was my dream come true. On my new blog, I wish best for your life my sweet friend. Nothing special gift as a pray. Oops that is mean I am so rude hahaha. Sorry, because you never give me a slide of cake when you were birthday and you just teasing me with delicious chocolate cake, which that was my favorite at all.

Wish the best for you Mr Busy and success in your country. I am still waiting kids book from you.

Happy Story start from You


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