Finally Stay in Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Bali have been holiday in Bali many times as I remember. The most memory I remember on 2017, in that time I stay in sun islands hotel. Sometimes, when I want to look the sunset on the beach, I cross the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel. I said to myself, one day I want to stay in this hotel. I know that hotel is middle price and as backpacker I just dream about it. The quotes of the day “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about finally stay in Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Bali. I know the title sound silly, but I am so happy when I know I stay there. 2017, I was holiday in Bali and I pass this hotel many times and I wonder about this hotel. One day, my friend told me, we will pass this hotel to get short way to the beach. It was impossible if you can pass this hotel. Do you know? It happened! I can look the lobby, park and also pool. The most fantastic was the gate with the Bali art. I took photo on that gate. You can look my photo on 2017!

photo taken 2017 using samsung mini note ace 3

photo taken 2019 using huawei nova

Time is faster and my friend made surprise to stay in the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel. Wow, the first check in, the receptionist was very kind and pretty. She gave us 3 keys as I remember. One to make you put on the electronic box to keep the electronic on, even when you go outside.  It was nice day, really! The body is so damn tiring, but tired look gone when I saw the room.

When open the door, the right side is the toilet; cupboard, and then the left side near the bed; It’s about television, amenities hotel such as refrigerator, cup and some of tea, sugar and coffee. Look so good, for you if you love to make tea or coffee in your room. Then, I look the seat near another door. Yea, comfortable seat with the simple table; I look on the table, it is welcome fresh food and note. Awesome but I wonder about another door there. So, I open the door. It’s balcony with two comfortable chairs, and tiny table for you to put the cup of tea/coffee.  Nice time, when I look on the corner, the wood for you to put wet dress to make it dry. I love it! Honestly, as traveler I don’t bring to much dress and something as a woman needs. Of course, I can’t explain to you! You will know it by yourself, what I mean.

 Let’s check on the toilet, before going to toilet! I like to open cupboard and see what they put there. I look the safety box, lighting, umbrella and bath dress. Big cupboard for the hotel room, so nice! How about the toilet, my eyes look the painting hug on the window and go down, I look the towels put on the middle of wall. Another down, it is clean white toilet.  The right side is the shower room. It’s medium size, so comfortable to taking shower there with the hot and cold water. Another my side is the big mirror on the wall, then big wastafel (wash basin) and amenity hotel as shampoo, soap, soap liquid, lotion, conditioner and comb, sanitary bag, plus the most important for me shower cap.



Honestly, I like the hotel with the body lotion because I just bring small bottles. I know, you will think I am like kids, it’s o.k because I always love to try clean bed. Laying down and watching television for a while. It’s best time to relaxing while holiday. After enough relaxing, time for discovery hotel; the place I stay for a few days.

The most amazing facility is the swimming pool. Finally, I can swim on that pool. I know, you are laughing me, because some of you know me so well! I can’t swim, that is true but I love to spend time inside the pool. Getting wet (in the pool) is nice sometimes. Time is faster, if you are holiday. You can see the sky become dark. Some people go to gate to see the sunset. The famous moment in Bali is Kuta beach. This hotel located in Kuta Bali, so you can do it by walking or the best part, you can pass the Bali art gate. Awesome!



Sunset is nice to see! You will feel more relax. Find the orange light on the sky, hearing the sound of waves. You can look the activities people who catch the sunset. It’s great to be fantastic just get relaxing on the beach. Tiring, sleep on the comfortable hotel; it’s perfect holiday!

Best Breakfast with Many Fresh Fruits

Sleep well, wake up in early morning, the belly is sing a song! Time for eating, after taking shower, it is nice to go eating. I am so wondering about the food. Do you wonder too? Perhaps, do you also want to try stay in this hotel. You can book the hotel with my link affiliate here, no worry; You will not get extra payment, I just get little money if you book using my affiliate link. If you think my experience nice to share to your friend, why you don’t take icon share; it would be great and have good day.


Happy Story start from You

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