Holiday with Parents, Why not! Many plans I make during my holiday in Java but I should just keep list on the list. This time, I am holiday with parent. I should not be selfish while go with mom. Quotes of the day, “    There are no perfect parents and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way.” - Dave Willis.

Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Holiday with parents, why not!” Honestly, this is the second time I am holiday with Mom. Every day Mom is getting older but she is not realizes she is already old. She stills try hard to help me to bring things including heavy suitcase. This time, I should be patient to tell her. I can do by myself, she just needs to relax and seat. I think I am right because I love her but I am wrong. She feels sad because she think she is old and she is not useful anymore.

Our care always gets wrong in our parents mind. Do not be upset! Holiday with parents also nice and fun either. As long as, you know how to treat them well, don’t think they are old and can’t help us while we are getting trouble with belongs. I am getting fun with Mom and also my aunties while holiday together in Java.

Holiday with them (parents) is nice, before it’s getting happened. You should remind your parents to bring the comfortable shoes. Why the comfortable shoes? Shoes are important to make your parents walk longer time without trouble.

When you are going holiday longer time; its better to bring some style shoes and sandal. I am suggestion my Mom to using sneakers for travel. The reason, the style sneaker shoes are super lightweight and comfortable while using these shoes. Travel all day will not on trouble for the feet. So, it will holiday get fun. 

The second style for the shoe is flat. This shoe is most comfortable shoes because some people love to using this shoe while their work should be stand all day. The flats shoes have cute and informal design. So, it would be great to mix with dress as short dress or long dress. Young and old women will love to wear it, including me and Mom.  

The third should have it is sandals.  Honestly, I never leave home without sandals. Many design sandal which good for you style but I love to use classic and good in my feet. Which sandal do you like to bring? My Mom love simple sandals. The most important is comfortable and lightweight sandal material used.  So, it will be nice to using all day.

Holiday with parents, you should think about their health too. So, that is why so important to remind them to bring medication. The most, you also should prepare something as general medical and also oil to make them still comfortable on the holiday or journey.

I never forget to keep hot oil, diarrhea medicine, hot balm, and herbs. It’s very important while travel with parents, because we never know what happened while holiday. Tired, of course! That is why very important to bring hot oil to massage, vitamin to keep fit. That is something should bring and wear. So, what is next?
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Destination, of course that is very important. Holiday is never perfect without make plan about destination. You should remember, you are not travel alone. You are travel with parents that is means you should smart to decide the good hotel with completed facility and strategist location. Then, you should think about what is good place to visit with parents. Don’t make extreme holiday because parents would not like it.

So, what you should do? Research first what is the good place to holiday with parents such as beach, museum and many places which will make you and parents enjoy. Honestly, in my mind my Mom would love to go to zoo. She was never been to zoo. Suddenly, she was not enjoyed because the smell of the zoo made her on trouble. This point is means you should make sure what is the best and bad to taking your parents in the tourism place. So, both of you get fun and make great memories together.

Honestly, holiday with parents are nice and annoy in the same times, but make great memories with them as precious and valuable things in this world. If you are agree with me. Would you share your story with your parents while holiday together? I think you are kindness and will share this article, if you think this is good and make you want to make plan holiday with your parents.

Happy Story start from You

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