How to Overcome Sadness

How to Overcome Sadness I am feeling lonely, I feel sadness, it will kill me. I don’t know why this happened to me. Almost every day, the blue feeling is never gone. It makes me feel so depressed. Perhaps, some people think like this; that is why suicide cases are on the rise. Quotes of the day, “Sadness is part of life; we can’t refuse it but we can handle it to make them away.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I want to tell you the story about “How to Overcome Sadness.Based on the dictionary sadness is the condition of being sad. People can feel sad because of low energy, loneliness, stress, hormones, and many things. That is normal, actually but the most important is how to overcome sadness, so you will not feel it long time.


Most important, we have to face our feelings. We have to know how we feel and don’t pretend we are o.k. When we are sad, did not pretend we were fine, we have to take the feeling out to make ourselves feel better. Emotion is good if we let them out then we kept it in our minds and heart. We can say it to our family, friends, or our love, in this time, we are sad. So, the people who cared for us will support us to get healing.


To be honest, I am the one who can’t tell people about my feeling, including when I was sad. It’s hard for me to tell it. So, better I told first to myself about my feeling. The way I shared to myself, I was writing it in my journal. Sometimes, I also told myself in the mirror. Simply, I said I am sad.  Then I gave myself permission to be sad. I know, sadness is making my body and soul tired, but I know to pretend I am fine, it will make me double tired.


Some people are not allowed themselves to be sad. Actually, sadness is a common human emotion that people feel. Why should shy get that emotion? Let’s allow yourself to get time to realize your emotion without judging yourself because you get that feeling that way.


Better to let the sadness out. It is ok for us to get lie in bed and cry till we feel better. After doing that, let’s make a commitment to changing your mood with good activities, such as listening to energetic music, hanging out with your friends, or the best way to do exercises. Ssttss, my secret, when I get the sadness feeling, after allowing myself to cry. Then I would love to take my secret book, I started writing poetry, songs, stories, and sometimes drawing. That is making me feel better after releasing my sadness and turning it to be positive.


How about you? Can you do it the same as I do? If I can do it, of course, you can do it and more perfect than me. I know I am not talented at drawing something but I love to make easy doodles. You can do best than me. You can do whatever you like, for example, you like to bake. Perhaps, it is already a long time, and you do not have time to bake. That’s the right time for you to bake your favorite cakes or make experiment with new recipes. As a result, you feel better and you get the bonus, to eat the delicious cake you made it.


How if you still feel sadness, it can’t get released! Honestly, my solution for you gets to a counselor or expert to make your feeling better. Allow the sadness feeling a longer time in your mind, it will make you get depression and worse. Don’t you want to be a happy life?  


Happy Story start from You

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