The Way I Love Myself

The Way I Love Myself Last week, you were reading about Should I love myself. The answer is an absolute YES. How you can love someone else if you don’t love yourself. Quotes of the day, “The way you care yourself, the world will be nice.” Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I want to tell you a story about “The Way I love myself.” Actually, making people happy is easy. The problem is how to make you happy? Can you imagine if you have 100 friends and every friend ask you different things to make you get a better life; Even if it's not you, they want you to turn into what they want you to be. Following their wishes would be very tiring. Some people can refuse, but there are some of us who can't refuse a request from friends or family.


Let’s make sure, you should know the way you love yourself. This is my secret, better only have a few friends. they are supported; then have a thousand friends but are toxic. Honestly, I won’t take my energy to toxic people because it will make my mind, body, and soul tired. Better for me to leave them away. I am not afraid to be lonely, then I have to listening to them about how worse I am.


Honestly, a long time ago, I am afraid I do not have friends, but now I am afraid, I don’t care about my mental health. Sometimes, I feel lonely, but that is better than surrendering to toxic people. I never doubt my fears, but I try to understand them. It’s like doing exercises to help me get mental health better.  I believe my decision is right to step away from toxic people!  


That is the big reason, I love the way I love myself. Step away and be good to me. So, I can see something nice in small and simple things. For example, suddenly my friend sent me a package without giving me the news. Even the box is only one piece of chocolate. I find my old favorite shirt in the storeroom. When I go to the café, I got a lucky promo as buy one get two. A long time ago, I never appreciate small things like this; because my mind, mood, body, and soul feel so troubled and tired.


The best ritual for me is to love myself more and more. I always celebrate my birthday alone and completed it with cakes and candles. I am thinking about the past and present. It is making me more love myself. Some people are afraid of getting old, but I love myself. So, I am not afraid to get old as long as I am happy to be me. So, what you should do to love yourself.


1. Don’t be afraid to say NO to something you don’t like it.

2. Happy with small things because small things are magic to make your day bright

3. Never complain about your life, because everyone has a different life.

4. Smile and fight for the world to yourself get a better life.

5. Appreciate everything about yourself in a bad and good moment, because life is not easy.

Do you have any idea to share how the way you love yourself with me and my friends here?


Happy Story start from You

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