How to be Spirit When You Want Give Up I am weakness and I am not so strong enough to get new spirit, when I am down. Do you feel the same like me? Everybody is not perfect, including me! Quotes of the day, “Do not try hard to be perfect, but try to enjoy your life. The key to be happy, never give up and try to find happiness in ourselves.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I want to tell you about “How to be spirit when you want to give up.” Sometimes when I feel down, I hope I have spirit to make me keep happy and strong. Actually, only hope is not work to cheers up my sadness feeling. I have to do something to make me feel happiness again! So, I find some ways to cheers up when I want to give up about anything such as life.


Favorite Meal always Cheers up Blue Day

I know sometimes when I feel sad; I love to hang out for a while. Although I go alone! I know I will going home with the happiness feeling. What should I do and the reason why I love to go alone; while I am feeling sad or  give up. I love to go to my favorite restaurant to eat my favorite meal. I am trying to treat myself good meal.  When bad mood and go alone, this is very good way to make you feel happy again.


Go alone is mean you are not lonely, or you do not have friends to get hang out together. When you feel weakness and sad, go alone can be cheers you up when you treat yourself awesome food. The reason you go alone, you should not hear some people advice about your life; you should not hear what people asked you to stop eating or order food. When you want to eat them! Sometimes eat in silent and without worry about weight it can make you feel good. Don't believe me! You just need to try it.


Honestly, I do it even in Tanjungpinang city; I do not have my favorite restaurant in here which fancy place. So I always love to eat in comfortable place and eat junk food. Why not! I order whatever I want without wonder about what my friends think. I eat them with slowly and thinking about anything, especially the happiness moment. So, it makes me feel good.


Some people agreed about this statement please comment on below. What do you love to eat when you are feeling sadness? Believe me, treating your favorite meal will give good benefit for your body and mind. Your belly is full and you are feeling enjoy.


Let’s Walk


When I feel trouble in my mind, my body became so weakness. I am trying to go outside for a while. Walking in park is very awesome! That is why fresh air can give us good spirit; while we walk for around 30 minutes.  


 My favorite place to get fresh air is in the temple in near my place. The location is quiet place and sometimes I can hear the bird sing a song. Walking in this place make me feel so peace when going home. That is why for us when we get pressure go walk for a while; you will feel better and get new spirit!


Take a break.

Sometimes when many deadline in our line, we get so stress and frustration. Actually, we just need take everything is easy. Let’s take a break for a while.  Don’t skip the schedule for the meal, eat regular. Break for nap for a while; when break do not open your smartphone because it will make us more stress.


 When I get so stress with many problem; I stop my mobile or make it silent. I take a break rest on my bed or sit on my balcony to look around me to relaxing and see the blue sky. Then, my headache and stress will be gone. So, I can continue again do what should I do. I do not know about you, what do you love to break? Watch the drama Korea, movie or something else. Whatever just do it without multitasking.


This is my secret to cheers up my day when I feel give up for everything in my life. These sound easy and simple right! That is true but the problem is sometimes we forget to do the simple task. We just think about the big case and problems. So, we are forgetting to be happy even in small things. What do you thinking about how to spirit while you want to give up? What exactly your secret to keep positive in heavy life? Let’s share!


Happy Story start from You

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