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Storycitra.com- Sometimes I feel so tired and my eyes so heavy, some people recommended a coffee to make me fresh. Usually, I do not like coffee because the bitterness of coffee makes me feel uncomfortable. Now, I love to drink coffee special in noontime and the hot weather. I always love to order ice coffee. Quotes of the day, “I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, 'Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.” -Jim Carrey

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 I do not understand why I love to drink coffee. Honestly, I don’t drink coffee every day. I just drink it sometimes when I think I feel sleepy or tired. So, drinking coffee makes me feel fresh. Perhaps the taste of bittersweet coffee makes me feel good. Today, I am Citra Pandiangan want to tell you story about, “How to make simple coffee ice without changing the taste of the coffee.”


Do you ever think when you order cold coffee and you do not drink it directly the coffee till the end. The taste of coffee became change and full water inside a glass coffee. When you answer this word it is YES... That is means we are the same feeling and that is so troublesome. So, I have a simple idea to make my ice coffee taste a long time without changing the taste. Are you wonder about this iced coffee don’t change the taste? So, check this recipe for you and you can use it at home and office because of it so damn simple and nice to do it. Welcome to Miss Lazy in the kitchen that wants to share her secret to make ice coffee without mess the taste while the ice melt. 
Recipe Ice Coffee without Mess The Taste
1 pcs sachet of coffee instant. This time I choose Nescafe Gold Cappuccino's unsweetened taste.
200 ml of water.
150 ml full cream milk.

 How to cook:
The first boil the water. Then put the sachet coffee Nescafe Gold into empty glass or mug. Pour in 200 ml of hot water and stir thoroughly. Keep it till cold. After that, put the coffee into a box ice cube. (Put the coffee that was made in the ice cup box), Freeze in the fridge. After the coffee is frozen, take full cream milk to pour into the glass. Put the frozen coffee into the glass. Now iced coffee without changing the taste of coffee is ready to be served.

So, this is simple to do and you can make it at home or office. Actually to make the liquid coffee frozen need around 3 until 4 hours. You will feel great with your ice coffee without making the taste of the coffee change while the ice melt. The most coffee cube ice melt, the stronger the taste coffee you will get it. If you do not like coffee with milk, you can change the milk with normal coffee. So, you can put the coffee cube to your glass as it ice cube. So, enjoy your coffee. Do you ever try this before? What do you think? Let’s comment below and share this article to your social media, it would be so great.

I bet you already know the benefit of coffee. Everyone knows benefit about coffee is very good for our health as long as you know the limit to drink coffee and do not drink coffee in the night; because of making you trouble with sleep. Coffee can improve energy levels and make you smart.  The reason because coffee can help us to feel less tired and increase energy levels.  Because coffee has contains a stimulant called caffeine.

Another benefit drink coffee; it can fight depression and make us happier. Honestly, depression is very bad because it is a serious mental disorder that will result in the quality of life. That is why some contain coffee that is good for our health.  The point is coffee appears to lower your risk of developing depression and may dramatically reduce suicide risk.

Many benefits about drink coffee and I am also not reviewing about Nescafe gold this time. Perhaps in the future I will review the coffee with unsweetened taste. What will be in my mount while I love sweet coffee? Do you wonder? Do not go anywhere. 

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